Manufacturer, Spectranetics to Go Global Following Acquisition

Top Manufacturers of 2017 include: Spectranetics Corp., Solid Power Inc. and Roccor

Made in Colorado is a brand held in high regard, and the companies doing the making are in a league of their own, crafting, toiling and building medical devices (Spectranetics Corp.), rechargable batteries (Solid Power Inc.) and spaceflight hardware (Roccor LLC). Check them out:



Spectranetics Corp. develops, manufactures, markets and distributes medical devices used in minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures. The Colorado Springs-based company's products are available in more than 65 countries and are used to treat arterial blockages in the heart and legs and in the removal of pacemaker and defibrillator leads.

The company was founded as a laser company more than 30 years ago and now competes in two markets: vascular intervention and lead management. The company has gained market share in each for the past several years and has tripled its size. In 2016, following the acquisition of the Stellarez drug-coated balloon technology from Covidien, Spectranetics launched the device for below the knee treatment of patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which affects more than 200,000 people worldwide.

In June, Netherlands-based Royal Philips announced it was acquiring Spectranetics.

"Together with Philips, we will be a stronger company that is better able to serve our teammates, patients and customers," says Donna Ford-Serbu, senior vice president for Spectranetics Lead Management business unit. "Philips has great respect for our talented team and the capabilities we have built. Importantly, we expect exciting career opportunities for many Spectranetics teammates as part of a larger, more diverse global company."



Solid Power is developing the next generation of solid-state rechargeable batteries. The Louisville-based company works on mobile power applications ranging from downhole oil and gas and aerospace niche field applications to more broad market large-scale applications such as solid state rechargeable cells for electric vehicles.

The company was established based on technology licensed from the University of Colorado Boulder; its intellectual property position was expanded via a 2015 license with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Solid Power has built a cell technology that is both high-energy and inherently safe using scalable, and hence low-cost production processes. This technology is poised to displace traditional lithium ion chemistries


Over the past two years, Roccor has grown from an aerospace R&D company into one of the fastest-growing Colorado-based providers of spaceflight hardware for commercial and military satellite systems. The Longmont-based company specializes in deployable structures such as solar arrays, antennas, booms and thermal management devices for the commercial and military satellite markets. The company is in the growing "new space" market of smaller spacecraft that require high performance at lower cost than legacy components. This market is largely driven by non-traditional investors seeking to use space assets for the next generation communication platforms such as space-based internet.

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