Mixed-Use Project, Stanley Marketplace, Serves as Platform for Arts Partnerships

The food hall and marketplace celebrates independent-owned Colorado businesses

Stanley Marketplace received top honors from the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts in 2018 for its commitment to arts partnerships, ranging from theater to festivals.

"When we first started Stanley Marketplace, we wanted it to be more than just a place for people to go eat and drink," says Bryant Palmer, chief storyteller at Stanley Marketplace. "We really believe that art and culture are the things that bring people together."

The first of Stanley's local culture collaborations was with the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. In October 2015, Cherry Arts at Stanley served as a pop-up, drawing a crowd of 10,000 people. 

Other programs included the Black Cube Nomadic Museum, complete with a 35-foot-tall structure in the middle of Stanley's construction site, a Denver Center for the Performing Arts comedy called "Travelers of the Lost Dimension," and an immersive theater production called "The Wild Party."

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