Most Powerful Salespeople 2019: Insight Global's Dominic Pera

He brings in roughly $43,000 weekly for the company

The Most Powerful Salespeople is an annual list from ColoradoBiz highlighting the outstanding performance of nine salespeople around Colorado. The 2019 sales standouts were selected by our editorial board from nominations submitted over several months on, based on sales performance, persistence demonstrated in achieving or surpassing sales goals, and factors such as challenges surmounted or indications of exceptional effort to get deals done.

Dominic Pera, 26

Account Manager, Insight Global LLC

Pera moved across the country from Insight Global's Washington, D.C. office to the Denver office in May 2017 to help break into a "cold territory" and expand the firm’s presence in the Colorado Springs market. Based in Atlanta, Insight Global is a provider of employment and staffing solutions to Fortune 1000 customers across North America. In one year, Pera landed what his manager calls “a massive deal” with a large government integrator and has been a top performer not only in the Denver office, but nationwide. He now brings in roughly $43,000 weekly for the company.

“I’m a very results-motivated person,” Pera says. “What I like most about sales is the motto, ‘What you put in is what you get out.’ In my industry, the harder I work, the higher my rewards, and I see that happen every day.”

Favorite sales book:

“The Culture Code,” by Daniel Coyle. “While it’s more targeted toward leadership and team building, its tenets also apply to customer/client partnerships as well (creating safety, building vulnerability and creating a shared purpose). But the main reason I think this book is impactful is because (it shows) the individual salesperson cannot be successful without a strong team behind him or her.”

Biggest misconception about sales:

“That once you’re successful, the job becomes easy. Just because I’ve gotten good at the job doesn’t mean it becomes easier or more relaxed. I’d say it’s the opposite — performing at a higher level in sales requires more hard work, drive and preparation in order to not only continue growing, but even to maintain larger accounts.”

Are salespeople born or made?

“I would say that salespeople can definitely be made, but there are two inherent characteristics that successful salespeople must have: hard work and high/positive energy. A successful salesperson needs a desire/drive to hit milestones, as well as the type of attitude that brings energy and stays positive, even in hard times.”

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