Nick Armstrong is growing Fort Collins with his enterprises

Nick Armstrong is one of the Top 25 Young Professionals of 2020

Photo by Jeff Nelson.

Nick Armstrong, 34

Owner | WTF Marketing

Fort Collins

The correct question about Nick Armstrong, say people who know him, isn’t what has he done to involve himself in the community. It’s “What hasn’t he done?”

Armstrong’s achievements include bringing a local comic convention to Fort Collins and managing a $25,000 neighborhood arts project, as well as helping thousands of local small business people understand and apply social media marketing through Skillshare courses he created.

“Nick is particularly adept at recognizing needs in the community and finding ways to meet them or to bring together individuals and groups that can make the difference,” client and community partner Paula Watson-Lakamp says.

In the future, Armstrong hopes to be in a position — as the mayor of Fort Collins, perhaps?—to effect greater change.

Recipe for success: “Don’t be content with just sending the elevator back down. Make your own rope ladder and teach others how to climb up with you.”

Hear from Armstrong himself about his path to success:

This article is part of the ColoradoBiz Magazine’s 2020 Top 25 Young Professionals.
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