OfEveryone is bringing new positivity to the internet [VIDEO]

Behind the Biz: The company is also donating 51% of its top line to charities

In 2020, it can seem like most of our lives are spent online. And when you’re scrolling and scrolling, you often notice an overwhelming amount of negativity. This is why Jeff Elam, and his company OfEveryone, is looking to bring new positivity to the world wide web.

OfEveryone is a new website (with a mobile app on the way) where users can post positive, unique and happy content. “Negative is covered,” says Elam in the above video to videographer/interviewer Scott Cowperthwaite. “We want to reset the narrative.”

Not only is OfEveryone shifting the narrative around the types of content you see online, but the venture is donating 51% of its top line to charities. “We can be impactful quickly,” Elam says. “And that’s the goal: change the world.” Watch the above video to learn more about Of Everything and how the startup is running its business.

This interview was conducted by Scott Cowperthwaite as part of a new series with ColoradoBiz, “Behind the Biz,” in which Cowperthwaite profiles Colorado companies on location, asking questions and telling stories that get to the heart of what makes each business tick.

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