On Management: How your team measures you

After 50 years of being managed and managing, this is
what I learned you must do as a manager to earn
loyalty and get a person’s best work:

You must
ρ Understand the difference between management and leadership. You manage things, you lead people.
ρ Be a leader who creates an atmosphere of approval and acceptance and high expectations for all.
ρ Share your vision of success with all your team.
ρ Attract, motivate and keep top people for the team to work with.
ρ Pay fairly.
ρ Motivate, appreciate, approve and reward individual success.
ρ Be a boss who enjoys the success of others and helps them achieve it.
ρ Realize that managing is more than scorekeeping. A Frankenscorekeeper is a lousy manager. A Frankenscorekeeper is someone who goes nuts with numbers and counts nothing else.
ρ Believe in your people.
ρ Be tough and insist on top performance.
ρ Prefer to promote from within.
ρ Zone. Get out of your office. Go talk to the people.

You must not
ρ Have all the ideas.
ρ Take all the credit.
ρ Make me do all the work.
ρ Treat me like a mushroom. That is, “in the dark, covered with BS.”
ρ Criticize me in public.
ρ Surprise members of the team. Keep them well informed. Respect their ability to think and help.
ρ Block me from your boss.

ρ Block me from my future.
ρ Use your desk, your office and the amount of time you spend with various team members as a psychological weapon.
You should know
ρ A loner is not a good personality for a team leader.
ρ A screamer or someone who deals with people in a loud or intimidating manner also makes a poor manager. And will eventually fail and should be fired now.
ρ That job one is to develop your employees. That a leader’s most powerful words are “What do you think?” Followed by careful listening. And then get everyone involved.
ρ Get out of the power seat. Let someone else run
the meeting.
ρ Listen. Learn your team’s personal goals. Help them achieve them.
You should have
ρ A sense of humor.
ρ A sense of what really is important in life.
ρ An understanding of the business and be able to
communicate it.
ρ An understanding that to get to the top must you take someone else with you.
ρ Have a continuity plan for replacing team members who may leave.
If you are not getting high grades for more that half of these things, you are also probably having a hard time keeping top people.
Check yourself and your boss against this list.
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