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OneNeck® IT Solutions understands that customers want more than the latest version of blinking lights.  Businesses want and truly need their IT partner to bring the VALUE in Value Added Reseller.  

Over the years, OneNeck (formerly doing business as MSN Communications in the Denver area) has provided the services and support customers rely on to run their businesses, whether it was core infrastructure or simply dial tone. However, the fundamental business role of IT is changing – in fact, some might say it has already changed. In the old model, IT was nothing more than a tool that VARs existed to service. That’s no longer the case. The cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, has changed everything. Access to the tools that companies depend on to run their business are more easily accessible than ever before. IT is now a core component in every business. Enterprise applications, email, and websites are no longer an option, but a requirement in the success of businesses today!

OneNeck understands the shift in today’s business technology requirements and knows customers need a higher level of service and support that will help them continue to grow.  OneNeck prides itself on providing valuable service to customers and leading the charge in helping customers create an IT strategy – with vision, knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure continued success. Customer needs are forever changing and OneNeck makes it a priority to meet the dynamic needs of customers by matching their business processes with a tailored an end-to-end IT solution.

IT Hardware and Professional Services

Providing hardware is just one part of what OneNeck offers. In addition, OneNeck offers extensive assessment services to provide an in-depth understanding of your IT environment and has the in-house experts who can help design, migrate and/or implement a solution that meets your needs. Whether you’re in need of collaborative solutions such as voice, video, or conferencing, or mobility, security or data center services solutions, OneNeck makes it their business to know IT — from your core infrastructure to the cloud.

Managed Services

One of the critical things businesses must do in today's economy is focus strategic resources on differentiating their business from the competition. This has led many businesses to seek out an IT partner to help with day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure thereby allowing their IT leadership to focus on initiatives that make a difference to customers and topline company growth.  OneNeck provides managed services and offers the technical expertise and support your business needs to free you from the necessary, but time-consuming, chores of monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

Cloud and Hosting Solutions

The cloud makes prohibitively expensive applications and infrastructure suddenly available to businesses of nearly any size. It also makes new technology implementation faster and easier. Whether a business opts for a gradual cloud adoption strategy or a more aggressive approach, OneNeck can assist in the planning, integration, customization, and managing of applications and cloud services.

ERP Application Management

An ERP system isn't just a software application. It is a mission critical platform upon which business is  run. For many companies, partnering with an outside ERP managed hosting provider provides significant benefits and can ensure your ERP system does precisely what you need.

As a leading ERP managed hosting provider for mid-market companies, OneNeck supports most major ERP applications including Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Infor's Baan to name just a few.  In fact, OneNeck provides a single point of accountability for your ERP infrastructure and your entire IT platform.

Bringing the Value…

As a trusted advisor and business partner, OneNeck enables customers to be more agile, competitive and cost-efficient using the right technology.  OneNeck doesn’t simply supply it, but is also in an enviable position of being the first call for help by its customers, should something go wrong.

The OneNeck philosophy is simple: It's not just about best-in-class technology, it's also about relationships. At OneNeck, our commitment is to be that single expert provider of tailored, end-to-end enterprise-class IT solutions for customers who need and demand high-touch customer service and expect a partner who can provide an in-depth understanding of today’s evolving business needs and technology solutions.

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