Our Wine Wench hits the big time


Cathie Beck’s award-winning memoir, Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship, hits the shelves on Tuesday under the Hyperion/Voice imprint — the direct result of her self-published version grabbing the top spot in Amazon.com’s “Movers & Shakers” last fall.

“It’s a bit of a Cinderella book publishing story,” Beck says. “I self-published the book and self-marketed it as well. The Amazon sales rankings caught an agent’s eye and she held an auction between three major publishing houses. Hyperion won, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship, which tells the story of two women’s friendship in the 1990s, is already garnering critical acclaim.

“You won’t put it down until the final page – at which time a box of Kleenex and a glass of cabernet, cheap or otherwise, would be wise to have on hand: the first to deal with the story’s denouement, the second to toast Beck’s triumph,” says Patti Thorn, former book editor of the Rocky Mountain News.

Iris Rainer Dart, author of Beaches, endorsed the book (a blurb is on the jacket) and says, “Cathie Beck’s wonderfully told and achingly poignant memoir will remind every woman to call her best friend right away to tell her how important their relationship is, and how she couldn’t survive without it … And, by the way, to run out and buy the heartbreaking book, ‘Cheap Cabernet.'”

“Cheap Cabernet is “beyond wonderful – wickedly funny, poignant and smart,” says best-selling author Elle Newmark. “Anyone who’s a fan of Mary Karr or Annie Lamott will find Cathie Beck’s Cheap Cabernet both laugh-out-loud hysterical – and heartbreaking.”

Cathie Beck is a long-time Denver and Boulder journalist, writing instructor and creative writer. She is “The Wine Wench” columnist at KUVO 89.3 FM and for ColoradoBiz Magazine, and is the recipient of several awards, including the Scripps-Howard Award for Excellence in Journalism, winner of the University of Colorado’s Dean’s Grant Award for Writing, and multiple winner of the Louisiana Press Women’s and Denver Press Woman’s Writing Awards. Portions of Cheap Cabernet won Denver Press Woman’s Writing Awards.

Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship is available now for pre-orders at Amazon.com and becomes widely available in major bookstores and other outlets on July 20. Read reviews and more about Cathie Beck at www.cathiebeck.com. She can be reached at Cathie@cathiebeck.com

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