Problem-Solving for a More Sustainable Future

Entrepreneurs are leading the way with a unique program

Are you an entrepreneur working on solutions for a sustainable future? Then consider being part of the second annual Techstars Sustainability Accelerator

Techstars, a Boulder-based seed accelerator with global reach, helps startups accelerate their growth during three-month-long programs that provide funding and mentorship for entrepreneurs. In 2018, Techstars partnered with The Nature Conservancy to launch the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator. The three-month program moved the work of 10 incredible companies forward, advancing solutions for a more sustainable future.

The Class of 2018  was diverse across investment themes, commercial readiness, previous funds raised, depth of team startup experience and direct alignment with The Nature Conservancy’s core work. By the end of the program, six of the 10 companies had active pilots with The Nature Conservancy. Some of the selected themes were: sustainable fisheries and oceans; water conservation; clean energy technology; and land conservation.

The investment themes for 2019 include: tackling climate change (including climate change mitigation and adaptation); providing sustainable food and water (including agriculture practices, fisheries and water issues); building healthy cities/urban planning; protecting/conserving land and water; and cross-cutting technology (using technology for conservation).

If you know a company working on a solution to one or more of these big questions, we’d love to speak with them. Apply here or request office hours to get one-on-one time with program staff.

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