Putting Ethics Into Practice in the Workplace

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder has partnered with the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business to host the 2018 Global Solutions Forum in Vail

Now, more than ever, society needs ethical leaders.

But how do you put that concept into practice? How do you take a set of principles and convert them into actionable workplace performance standards?

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder (SStS), is a curriculum-based program that sends high school students from around the world and connects them with schools, NGOs, philanthropists and business leaders, to address real world challenges with strong ethics in mind. Each of the students becomes part of a powerful and connected alumni network that goes on to impact society in an exponential and significant way. From college to careers, the idea is that by inspiring and supporting them as ethical leaders, these individuals’ contributions will have a ripple effect of lasting, powerful change on society.

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder and the University of Denver’s Daniel’s College of Business share similar philosophies that speak to the critical impact of ethical leadership in education and business. 

SStS is expanding this year to a wider regional audience of young professionals and leaders in the business, education and nonprofits.

Seminar topics include “concerns and aspirations of millennials as they become a force for change in the workplace” and “why corporate-community relationships are collaborative in some cases and violent in others?”  The forum will also cover topics related to corporate social responsibility. The more abstract ideas of purpose and compassion as cornerstones for ethical leadership contribute to the event’s theme as well.

The goal is to offer students, young professionals and leaders the tools to achieve actionable, ethical change in their work environments and a powerful network of ethical leaders who can support them.

Teaching leadership is an inextricable form of social responsibility and it is having a profound impact on society. We just need to continue to scale it. I’ve seen the impact that one student can have on society.

I encourage business leaders to learn more about our model, and consider sending young professionals and leaders from their organization to Vail Oct. 24-26. More information can be found here.

Bob Bandoni is the executive director of Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder. The organization has partnered with University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business to host the 2018 Global Solutions Forum in Vail, Oct 24 through 26.

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