Richard Pederson finds the right talent at the right time

Founder of Aspenware specializes in custom web and mobile applications


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Richard Pedersen founded Aspenware in 2001 during the dot-com boom. “More and more companies were graduating from the analog to the digital age,” he says. “This migration brought opportunity, but also brought complexity and challenges that required smart people to solve tough problems.” The company specializes in custom web and mobile applications that pull data from the internet, enterprise systems and wireless sensors. 


Last year Aspenware launched Aventeer, a platform that matches freelancers directly with hiring companies and provides back-office tools to simplify billing and paperwork. “Aventeer evolved from Aspenware’s need to engage a deep and wide talent pool in Denver,” Pedersen says. “Over the last 15 years, we’ve built a developer community of hundreds of employees and people we work with.”


The Aventeer freelancer marketplace came from Aspenware’s need to find the right talent at the right time. Aventeer uses algorithms to search for qualified candidates and enables companies to message freelancers within the platform, eliminating middlemen. The marketplace uses advanced search capabilities and is free.


Pedersen says Aspenware defines itself by its ability to deliver solutions.

“At our core, Aspenware is a team of doers and linchpins committed to coming alongside our clients to help them innovate and grow,” – he says.


Consumers want to open an app on their phone or computer and see information that’s all about them, Pedersen says. “If a person is attending a conference, they see their schedule, sessions relevant to them, emails of new contacts and their badge. After skiing, they want to see their vertical feet, runs skied, photos on mountain and fastest times, more than they want to see upcoming resort events.” 

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