Sales obsession

Successful salespeople have an absolute need to do what has to be done each and every day to reach their goals.  They have a need to do those things to their very best ability—no compromises. 

They are absolutely, positively obsessed with their work while they are doing it.  That doesn’t mean they work 15 hours per day, seven days a week.  It does mean that while they are working, they have no time to “shoot the breeze” at the water cooler, watch the clock, read the sports page or participate in the radio station phone-in contest.  Those activities are reserved for non-working hours.

Successful salespeople are also disciplined.  They know what they have to do and when they have to do it.  They have a plan.  Their effort and energy are focused on those activities that take them closer to their goals.

Successful salespeople take advantage of all the resources available to them.  They learn everything they can about their product or service, their industry, their competition and their marketplace.  They keep informed about industry trends, new technologies and legislation that can affect their business and/or that of their customers.

Successful salespeople take action.  They are continually moving forward.  Strategies and techniques are worthless unless implemented.  Successful salespeople know that in the sales arena, there are only two operating states—making a sale and not making a sale.  They have learned to maximize the former and minimize the latter.  They don’t get bogged down with over planning and over preparation—they’re too busy making things happen.

Successful salespeople are motivated.  While money is a convenient element with which to keep score, successful salespeople are driven by a larger purpose than just making money.  Whether it is to become the very best in their industry or simply make a contribution to their company or clients, there is something more than money that causes them to start work early and stick steadfastly to their mission.

So, are you obsessed? If you’re not, it’s not too late.  Decide exactly what you want for yourself, your family, your business, and your clients.  Develop your plan –short-term and long-term goals, monthly, weekly and daily goals and activities—your cookbook to success.

Start each and every day with a list of the business objectives to accomplish.  List the necessary activities required and then work relentlessly to get them done by the end of the day.  Decide what your bigger purpose is.  Utilize the resources available to you and take action consistently.  Higher levels of success await you.

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