Samsara of Life

A 40-line prose poem for inspiration in your daily life
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Honor the stillness that purifies your soul. It has been in you since before your birth. Your private voyage began generations ago. Your actions will determine its destination. Respect other voyagers—even adversaries. You do not know their compass. Avoid angry and embittered people— they stir up trouble. We fall asleep with our dreams yet, wake with our habits.

Build your habits first—dreams will follow. Stick to the confidence deep in your heart. Believe in a guiding star—great figures have trusted in the same. Substance grooms confidence. With power comes humility, but never forget to take your bow and accept the esteem of your success. Happiness is measured by happiness—not dollars, square footage or years of marriage.

It is sublime to touch bliss in music, leisure, art or sport. Command your anxiety by doing the hard thing first. Do not let cynics and false experts shake your mastery. They choose to tear down rather than build up. Don’t worry, they will not last. Focus on those who are proud to be a part of this world. Listen closely to people who can change their mind—they show courage.

Seek achievement before publicity. If the world deserves you, it will recognize you. Be diligent and patient. An old farmer once said, “Le travail, c’est la santé.” So, if ‘work is health,’ work hard and be well. Do your part to stay strong. Enjoy walks, rides and stretching— they give mental peace. For your body, eat an apple, banana, carrot and orange each day. Use your own hand to write cards and letters. This will clear your mind and bring joy to others.

Explore and travel. The world is magnificent and perplexing—see as much of it as you can. Relish your time to read, study and gather advice, but you are still responsible. Look fear in the face and calm any guilt about taking time for yourself. Life blossoms with delayed, not deleted, gratification. You deserve what you have built and you merit the legacy they engrave to your memory. Like the colorful, etched layers in grand canyons, the true meaning of life is to find your place in history and to live it well.

Short or long, every life makes its full circle. And, when your time gently glides to its horizon―with head unbowed, in perfect poise, balance and dignity―let them say you were a master who kept a regal bearing, did not complain, and left a worthy mark.

Rick Griggs speaks on Balanced Mastery, The Samsara of Life and his Rolestorming Creativity tool. He is a former Intel Corporation training manager. 970.690.7327.

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