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  • Nine traits for joy in life and work

    Three questions continue to emerge to the front lines of life satisfaction: Who am I? Why am I here? And what will it matter? I ...

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  • LinkedIn endorsements—pros and cons

    When LinkedIn first introduced the endorsement function, there was plenty of distress and uproar.  We’ve all received endorsements for skills we didn ...

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  • The sales closing secret?

    When I ask professionals or business owners, "What's your biggest problem when you’re selling? Almost all of them say, "Closing the sale." ...

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  • So, how are things going?

    So at the beginning of a New Year, at the end of each quarter, and along the way, assess progress. You may have done this ...

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  • Top five tips to juice up your cold calls

    If you’re in the cold calling business, picking up the phone can be one of the hardest things you do.  Dial after ...

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  • Lighten the load with kindness

    Though each of us is part of the walking wounded at least some of the time, we tend to forget all of the things others ...

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  • When key employees go to a competitor

    Your executives and top salespeople have access to your most valuable business strategies, sales contacts, growth plans and innovations.  What do you do when ...

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  • Best of CoBiz: Deadly dozen job search mistakes

    Here are a few of the really stupid mistakes that job seekers make. Make sure you’re not making any of them. 1). Not answering ...

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  • Passion is the fuel of greatness

    In my consulting, I have found one of the distinguishing traits of passionate, high-performing organizations is an obsessive focus by the people in it on ...

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  • Personal finance lessons from “Downton Abbey”

    In episode 5 of season 5, which aired recently, Mrs. Patmore, the head cook from downstairs, just inherited 300 pounds from her deceased aunt. That might not sound ...

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Nine traits for joy in life and work

Replace all negative reactions

By Lauren Miller

Board scrutiny: Everybody’s doing it

Board evals are more accepted than ever

By Tracy E. Houston

LinkedIn endorsements—pros and cons

Overall, it's a thumb's up

By Shawna Simcik

(4) Reader Responses

A study in investment contrasts

Do you prefer a growing or managing economy?

By Ron Phillips

The sales closing secret?

Read on...

By Liz Wendling

Workplace wellness strategies

One size doesn't fit all

By Sandy Alexander

So, how are things going?

Assessing progress

By Theresa M. Szczurek

Feel-good investing

Might be on your radar soon

By Kerby Meyers

Top five tips to juice up your cold calls

Plus a bonus!

By Sam Dobbins

The currency game

The upside and the down

By Fred Taylor and Charles Farrell

Lighten the load with kindness

Invisible crosses we all bear

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw

(3) Reader Responses

Denver developers build for the future

Planning for tomorrow -- today

By Erik Hagevik

Best of CoBiz: The business value of culture in a merger

Making cultural due diligence measurable

By Lisa Jackson

Readers Respond

Pot banking: What are they smoking?

Why not create a financial institution that is limited in its investing activities to US Government secured bonds or a CEDARS CD program? No loans, no equity purchases just low risk investments with depositors money. Gets the money out from under the mattress and into the system. Fee based banking for brick and mortar, processing and overhead. Fraud and mismanagement would certainly be a risk but put a back-up professional liability policy in place. By Paul Fogle on 2015 02 23

Jump on in -- the sales are fine

Great article! I think it's definitely necessary that the cold call model be tweaked in this bustling age. By understanding and respecting the busy schedule of a prospective client and getting directly to the focus of the call, you are more easily able to develop an organic and informative relationship for immediate and future sales. By Alex Knettel on 2015 02 18

Executive wheels: An American winner

I'm with you Jeff. Two years ago I bought a LaCrosse AWD. I grow to love the car more each time I drive it. It is solid, quiet, agile, fast, comfortable and good looking. A friend has a Lexus that looks very similar but cost thousands more without AWD. Anyone in the market for a nice sedan should check out Buick. By Dave Lucia on 2015 02 18

The futurist: Tiny taxes, big rewards

Gold flakes from coins used to work! Gr8 reminder that new technology multiplies the usefulness of shaving slivers off of gold coins! By john Tahoe on 2015 02 17

Jump on in -- the sales are fine

Good stuff Sam. By Liz Wendling on 2015 02 16

Real estate: Buena Vista’s south main taking shape

I am resubmitting this because my auto correct put a . Instead of a - in my email & website and I really would like to be able to follow this community and new developments. This reminds me of one of the communities here in Myrtle Beach and it had the same type of growing pains, but as they say......if you build it they will come......and they have. I love that South Main is building for all demographics and not focused on just one. By Kathy Dulhagen on 2015 02 13

Real estate: Buena Vista’s south main taking shape

This community reminds me of one of the communities here in Myrtle Beach that experienced the same kind of growing pains, but as they say.....If you build it they will come........and they have. I love that South Main will be a community for all and not just focused on one demographic. I look forward to reading more about the progress of South Main and the plans for the organic farm and all that will be offered in that area as well. By Kathy Dulhagen on 2015 02 13

Six great ways to optimize your tax strategy

Rick, Besides business tax, what about personal income tax? There's also a way to avoid paying tax in my country. Legally. http://www.moneydigest.sg/how-to-pay-zero-income-tax-legally/ By David on 2015 02 13

Pot banking: What are they smoking?

One other item to note. An attorney friend highlighted that if policies change on the federal level, this bank will be the first target of any action. Also what would happen if one of the depositors was found to be doing something illegal in the industry (money laundering, etc... which the feds recently busted). The feds will go after the accounts at the bank and could endanger other accounts. By Glen Weinberg on 2015 02 12

The futurist: 37 critical drone-delivery problems

What a great list! I visualize new fortunes being made for the 3rd or 4th time for people trying to restrict drones and other new technologies. The ethical issues being raised today are not going to go away. This was one very profitable brain session. You have thrown the gauntlet down to the industry to solve issues in advance of regulation. Can business arise and still keep this concept viable as an revenue channel? The next few months will be interesting for us all. By Jeffrey C. Fischer on 2015 02 12
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