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When CEO Lane Hornung founded 8z Real Estate in 2010, he had a vision of a brokerage that does real estate differently.  At the time many people felt disenchanted with real estate as an investment, and the professionals in the industry, amidst the recession.  This inspired the company’s mission: “Real estate is broken.  We are fixing it.” 

At the core of “fixing real estate” are the Realtors who represent the company, while serving their clients, in every real estate transaction.  Many real estate brokerages plan their growth by recruiting, and growing the number of agents.  Yet in order to fix real estate, Hornung and Stefan Peterson, the COO and head of Realtor recruiting, knew recruiting would have to be more selective. 

Finding a good fit between Realtor recruits and 8z is imperative to fulfilling the company’s mission. Here are the stories from three 8z Realtors from different backgrounds, who found their home at 8z.

  • Shawn Li is a Realtor from 8z Littleton who specializes in the Roxborough neighborhood, and had seven months in real estate at another brokerage prior to joining 8z in 2012. 
  • Ami Quass is a Realtor from 8z Colorado Springs who specializes in the Briargate neighborhood, and had 11 previous years in real estate prior to joining 8z in November 2014. 
  • John McConnell is a Realtor from 8z Louisville who specializes in Erie, and joined 8z as a rookie in October 2014.

The 8z System

Many independent Realtors find themselves spending their valuable time trying to be a web developer, print and web marketing expert, and barely finding time to practice real estate.  This is where the 8z System was created to support Realtors with lead generation, marketing, training, and administrative support, so they can do what they do best, assist clients buy and sell real estate. 

Each of the Realtors, when asked why they chose to join 8z attributed their decision to the 8z System. 

“Prior to joining 8z I was trying to do it all myself, ads, a website, a blog.  I was spending four to seven hours a day working on my website and marketing. Now I have all of that, maybe not exactly as I would have created it, but I can focus on being a Realtor,” explained Shawn Li.

Ami Quass, recalled that “every winter I would experience a lull in my business.  Now I find with the systems in place I am no longer a lone ranger, and have the support and tools to be successful.”  Since joining 8z she said she’s had a “total career shift.”

Meanwhile John McConnell chose to go directly to 8z as he said, “I had no illusions of grandeur that I would be able to make all the systems myself. The 8z system allows me to tap in, and run with it, so I can focus on being a Realtor. With the systems in place, starting my career was not like stepping into an abyss.”

The Culture

During the selective recruiting process, 8z COO Stefan Peterson is looking for a good fit, a Realtor who will embody the company’s core values.  He explains, “These living, breathing values guide decision making from a corporate level down to each Realtor.”

Shawn Li explains that his job is made easier as, “core values are put into practice. Every decision is run through the filter, ‘Are we putting the clients first? What is the better outcome for the clients?’”

Ami Quass first learned about 8z Real Estate just as she was losing hope on the real estate industry: “I had worked with people who didn’t have integrity. When I read 8z’s motto that real estate is broken, I agreed. As a Realtor we are working for the client, not ourselves.  I wanted to find a brokerage that I would work at for the rest of my career.  I like the atmosphere of my office where everyone works hard, is professional, and genuine.”

As a rookie to real estate John McConnell has found mentorship and support from his entire office.  “It is almost unheard of, that other Realtors in your office are not seen as your competitors. Yet as we each specialize in our own hyper local markets, I am able to get support from my team and team leader, and they are eager to help.”

The Real Estate Good Life

The 8z System and the support from the company aims for each 8z Realtor to achieve “the real estate good life” – clients that adore their Realtor, a high gross income, and time for life outside of their real estate career.  Across careers and industries, professionals find that the more successful their career becomes, the less time they have available for their family and interests. 

Shawn Li recounted, while a rookie at a different brokerage, when he had to cut a vacation short to deal with a contract in person.  Since joining 8z, and with the support of experienced Realtors in his office who can cover for him, he has been able to take several vacations, while being certain that his clients are receiving first class treatment by his colleagues. On a day to day basis, Shawn’s family benefits from his ability to create flexibility.  He said, “if not for my flexibility, and with my wife’s busy career, we would need a full time nanny.”

While 8z Realtors work hard to achieve their high production, they have learned to create flexibility that isn’t attainable in many other careers, and experience the real estate good life. Careers have flourished when plugged into the 8z System.  In 2014 the average 8z Realtor closed 22 deals, five times the industry average.

If you are interested in a career at 8z Real Estate please visit us at  Experience in real estate is not required to learn to be successful with the 8z system.

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