Seven lessons to follow for building a big brand

Brand building requires commitment, great skills, hard work, and an innovative strategy


What should your big brand look like? Will it influence your target audience? How will customers feel about it?

These are some of the questions that you ought to ask yourself when contemplating how to build a big brand. This is because the process of building a brand is not a walk in the park. Simply choosing a name and logo will not cut it.

While you may want to simplify the process, you need to develop your brand so that it embodies your mission and appeals to your target clients.

In the beginning, it is going to feel as though it is a huge mountain to climb but once you figure it out, it is going to feel like you have found your soulmate. Let no one lie to you, brand building requires commitment, great skills, hard work, and an innovative strategy.

If you are trying to build a large brand, here are 7 ideas that will help you navigate through this process:

1. Use social media to connect with customers

Social media plays a critical role in helping brands develop substantial connections with their online audience. It is estimated that about 1 in every 3 customers contact their service providers and favorite brands through social media. When you think about it, such numbers are huge to ignore when you are looking to build a large brand. There is no doubt that companies that use these social platforms receive positive responses from customers about their brands, as well as reviews that help them grow. You could consider working with digital marketing experts, such as New Jersey SEO services, that will boost your social media presence.

But how can you use social media to build a big brand?

When you share posts and visuals on your social accounts, they evoke emotions among your audience that you can leverage to grow your online traffic. Positive emotions lead customers to visit your website and enquire more about your brand. Note that different kinds of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, provide you with different ways to engage with customers. If you choose Instagram, for example, visual aids such as videos and images will work best for you. You need to select a platform that meets your needs. When you share the right content, it will tend to increase the amount of exposure that your brand gets especially when you have a large audience on every relevant social platform. Your loyal audience will, in turn, generate leads for your website which in the long run will build your brand reputation significantly. To keep track of the posts that you want to share, you might want to make use of project management tools.

2. Outsourcing PEO services

One of the ways to build a big brand is by going international. Once you do that, you require a global professional employer organization (PEO) to help you transition. A global PEO will assist you with hiring employees, overseeing their payroll, managing all your abroad human resource duties using a co-employment strategy, and taking care of all the needs of your workers. The most effective side of a PEO it’s the fact that you can get a country-based PEO.

For instance, if you want to outreach in Spain, a Spanish PEO can take care of that. These service providers help you with all human resource issues without you having to set up a physical presence in the country that you are doing business in. Access to such flexible services in a new market can make a huge difference in your brand-building efforts.

How is this helpful? When you have another entity handling one of the critical components in your organization, it frees up your time so that you focus on the core business operations or your telegram business accounts.

Given how employment laws differ across countries, a PEO also comes in to streamline things for you so that you navigate through this international market without concerns about getting fined. PEO also helps you bridge the cultural gaps that are there in the new market. They get you staff members who help you understand the socio-cultural differences that are there so that your brand thrives. Additionally, the PEO renders you a seamless integration in the new market. What does this mean? They will provide you with support at different stages of building your brand whether you are looking to hire just one or more professionals.

3. Creating SEO content

According to Google, you need to find a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy as soon as you take your business online because it is the foundation of your website. SEO works to enhance user experience which contributes to your brand growth. A marketing expert will tell you that your brand’s image is a reflection of how people feel about you. Thus, to make them love your brand, you need to focus on making useful content, enhance its usability, improve its appeal, ensure content is easy to find, and let it showcase your credibility.

If there are guides on your website, you can allow your readers to download them as files, and afterward, they share large files with friends. This way more people will reach your content. Moreover, good SEO enhances your visibility and searchability which is essential for the growth of your brand. It also enhances traffic in your website which over time is converted to purchases.

To grow your brand, you first need to register it with the available online directories. Apart from Google which is the largest online directory at the moment, you can also register it with Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, Bing, YouTube, Yellow Pages, or Vintelli. Such registration enables your site to be found by your audience.

You also need to develop rich keyword content for your site. The beauty of using an appropriate keyword is that when your audience goes searching for items online, your brand will pop up among the top ten results. Given that people rarely scroll to the other pages on the search engine, there is going to be a lot of traffic on your web page.

Additionally, you need to make use of Google Analytics to help you figure out what kind of content people search for the most, it will also reveal your poor-performing pages, and help you find out where your audience is. You might want to collaborate with an SEO consultant who will help you design your page and grow your brand.

4. Know and understand your audience

Chanel, Apple, and Nike have one thing in common which is that they all know their audience. The first step towards building a big brand is identifying who your audience is as demonstrated by these companies. But, how do you get to know your audience? First, you need to conduct a thorough market search to find out their location, demographics, psychographics, motivations, buying habits among other things.

Customers always have certain expectations when you present them with something. Therefore, having data on the above parameters will help you tailor your products and services to meet their needs. By meeting their expectations, they will tend to become regulars and at times refer you to their family and friends. Such repeat business services as a catalyst to the growth of your brand.

Understanding your customers also helps you build your public relations strategy better so that you captivate the right group of people.

To keep understanding your audience, you need to ask for feedback from them regarding their perceptions of your brand. The information that they provide you with is what you use to keep reinventing your brand. Whether they provide you with positive or negative criticism, that information is critical for the growth of your business!

5. Present your brand as more than just a logo

Whatever you do, you should not forget that your brand is more than your logo! Simply creating your mark and placing it on everything that you produce will not suffice; not in this competitive market! Your brand needs to know more about the personality of your company, how you conduct business, your reason for doing what you do, and your company culture.

For you to succeed in building a big brand, you need to take all these values and embody them in your engagements and actions. This approach will help the world see you for who you truly are and what you are all about.

For instance, you need to show that your brand is more than just about making money by engaging in charity work to help the local community. Such actions demonstrate how selfless your organization is and before you know it, you will gain a large following. Additionally, you need to reflect on your brand’s mission and what you want it to be to the world.

Following a moment of reflection, you need to focus and strategy on how to bring all these elements to life. This move has to be more than the words that you put on the blogs on your website. The most successful brands in the world such as Microsoft have managed to stay at the forefront in their industry because they show more actions than mere words. Thus, endeavor to show up and represent your brand accordingly to the world!

6. Make it aesthetically appealing

Aesthetics can help you engage your audience through a series of sensory experiences. This feature can help you enhance customer satisfaction and enhance brand loyalty. While brands are built out of conceived ideas, they are also made up of tangible visible features. The colors that you use, the typeface, the design that you create to illustrate things and the images that you portray in your advertising efforts define what your brand is all about. You should know that these elements can either make you or destroy you completely.

What does this mean? It is critical to take time to think about the appearance of your brand before launching it. Once you have settled on a particular look, you must run it by potential customers to see how they feel about it.

Often, they will give you comments and criticism on what they think should be. To make it less confusing to your audience and yourself, make sure that when you make corrections, you do not deviate much from the aesthetic appeal that you had decided on. You should know that the elements that you choose today may evolve over time due to the emergence of new trends. Should that happen, just know that you can always rebrand so that you stay trendy. Sometimes aesthetics give your brand a voice that draws people to it. For this reason, you make them part and parcel of your brand-building strategy.

7. Have an outline of its qualities and benefits

In any industry, there will always be other brands with huge budgets and immense resources. However, your services, products, and advantages belong to you. The process of starting a brand is fun and exciting, however, you have to explore deeper to understand what you are providing to find out whether it is unique from everyone else. The goal is to focus on the qualities that set you apart from everyone. Assuming that you know and understand your audience, you need to give them reasons why they should choose you. Among the best qualities that you should highlight include better customer service and affordable products or services.

You should also highlight the benefits that your brand is providing to its customers. Some of the notable advantages include consumer recognition, customer loyalty, enhanced credibility, a competitive edge, and ease of purchase. While it is easy to overlook some of these qualities and benefits, they will revolutionize your brand once you lay them out for your audience to see.

Building a brand should not be a one-time affair. If the end product of your efforts is a big brand, you need to devise new ways to revolutionize your brand. Some of the basics that you could do include taking advantage of social media to form a relationship with your customers, hire PEO services to help your brand maneuver the international market, and develop cutting-edge SEO content that makes your web page rank higher.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the people you are building a brand for, present your brand as something more than just a logo, make it worth pursuing, and show customers its qualities and benefits. It is these tips that will put you at the forefront of building large brands such as Gucci, Versace, among others. The process of brand building is daunting, however, other people have succeeded in it and you should too. The trick is to have a vision and the right talent by your side. So get creative and reinvent your brand.

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