Seven tips to put the “Law of Attraction” to work for you

By now, most of us have heard of “The Law of Attraction.” The premise is that, by believing, affirming and being what we want to attract, it will come to us. Many who have tried this, however, have been frustrated when it seems not to work. It does work. But, like almost everything else in life worthwhile, it requires understanding and discipline. Here are  seven tips to make the Law of Attraction work for you in your business.

1). Clear your mind. There are numerous meditation techniques to help you clear and focus your mind. Most of us have what is called a “monkey mind.” It swings from thing to thing as a monkey swings from tree to tree. Before we can truly envision what we want in life, we have to calm the monkey mind down quite a bit. Our minds and spirits need to go from a raging ocean to a still pond. I’m happy to speak with you personally about methods to do this, but doing so in an article would not be appropriate.

2).Envision what you want. Hold a clear and concise vision in your mind and spirit of the result you want. Make the picture in your mind as clear as you possibly can. Hold it there in your consciousness. Let it rest. If your mind and spirit are clear, this is like dropping a stone into a still pond.

3). Practice consistency. There are many good, scientific reasons why the Law of Attraction works. Some of them have to do with quantum physics, and some have to do with psychology. But, regardless, the biggest key is consistency. Meditate and vision daily without fail. Keep doing so even after things start to change (which is when most people give up).

4). Vision the essence, not the details. Most of us know we want, but few of us know what we need. Trusting the Universe or God or whatever to know what you need is of the utmost importance. Rather than visioning every little detail, vision how success will make you feel. Vision the freedom that success will bring you. Vision the others you’ll be able to help. This is much more effective than giving a roadmap of exactly what should happen. Remember the old Jewish proverb: “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”

5). Stay in “the flow.” Both the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea are dead for one reason. Nothing flows out of them. If we are acquiring and hoarding and not giving to others, we, too, will be dead. Nothing, including abundance, can grow in us. After all, how many cars can you drive at one time? How many houses can you live in? Give of the abundance you’re attracting, and more will flow to you…which you should then also give of.

6). Don’t get scared. The problem with a consistent application of the Law of Attraction is that it works. But we are creatures of habit. We will often run away from change, even if the change is the one we’ve been seeking. If good things start to come your way, gratefully accept them. Understand that you may have less time to vegetate in front of the TV. You might miss a kid’s soccer game, or an hour of sleep. Don’t freak out. Stick with it and enjoy your success.

7). Understand the nature of change. Many people want to have everything stay the same in their lives except for the one thing they want different. This is impossible. Our lives are an interacting system. When one thing changes, so will other things. Joyfully accept the roller coaster ride that positive change brings. After all, some people actually pay for roller coaster rides.

Using Spirituality to grow in business is like anything else worthwhile. It takes discipline and a steady application of the methods of growing to achieve success. It also takes deep understanding and balance. Shallow, selfish, narcissistic or greedy people will eventually lose regardless of how they obtain their temporary success. Loving, caring, responsible and joyful people will retain their success and grow. May only the best be attracted to you.

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