Skratch Labs: Inspiring people to take better care of themselves

It's a 2015 Colorado Company to Watch

Skratch Labs

Boulder – – Founded: 2012

Mission: To provide people with inspiration, life skills and products to take better care of themselves and their families.

Method: In 2008, Dr. Allen Lim was working with the Garmin Professional Cycling team as its director of sports science, preparing cyclists for the Tour de France. He noticed that many of his riders were watering down sports drinks  and complaining about the available energy bars. So, starting from scratch, Lim began testing recipes, traveling around the globe with a rice cooker and an electric frying pan to prepare fresh food and diluted sports drinks. To address the bigger issue – teaching athletes fundamental life skills to feel and perform better – Lim teamed up with Chef Biju Thomas and wrote a cookbook called “The Feed Zone.”

Recently the Boulder-based business has introduced a cookie mix and fruit drops to Skratch Labs offerings. Whether gearing up for fierce competition, adventure sports, or plain old everyday life with its educational and product offerings, Skratch Labs intends to bridge the gap between an over-engineered sports nutrition world and market demand for people to better themselves.

KEEP WATCHING: Skratch Labs is looking for the “right people” to grow the company and keep up with demand. The existing and future team is expected to maintain the company’s mission and focus on the journey without compromising just to grow.

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