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Small Biz

Small-town spirits and savvy

Lakeside liquor store employees outnumber residents

By Gigi Sukin

Colorado’s bigger, stronger discrimination law

What it might mean for your business

By Adam Brown

Life cycle of a flea

How Denver’s newest market has found success in a void

By Whitney Van Cleave

Top four ways to add value to your business

What every biz owner needs to know pre-valuation

By Mark Trenner

Seven secrets to getting the startup bucks you need

Enterpreneurs: It isn't easy, but it can be done

By Gale Dunlap

Three tips for business growth

Denver is scaling up -- are you?

By J.P. Westwood

Accounting relief for small business

An alternate financial reporting tool is available

By Jake Vossen

Three keys to business longevity

Lessons learned over 75 years

By Deborah Brackney

Taking control online

Here's how one business did it

By Rachel Hoffman

Look beyond the resume for the best hire

The results of a trial exercise might surprise you

By Glen Weinberg

Readers Respond

Lighten the load with kindness

Thanks, Trina! Kathleen, I just noticed my typo on my Dalai Lama quote. I really should proof my typing! By TC North on 2015 03 03

Corporate health

This iis my first time visit at here andd i am really impressed to read everthing at alonhe place. By office exercise on 2015 03 03

Lighten the load with kindness

GREAT wisdom, Kathleen. I'm reminded of my favorite quote from a Jewel song, "In the end, only kindness matters." And since TC has posted a response, I can recommend his new book release, Fearless Leaders! He speaks to kindness and open hearted fearlessness at work. (Not your exact words, TC, but the essence....) By Trina Hoefling on 2015 03 03

Lighten the load with kindness

Kathleen, love your perspective and this statement, "Most important, when you respond to people with empathy and kindness, you retain everyone’s dignity—including your own." The Dali Lame once said, "My religion is kindness and compassion"! By TC North on 2015 02 27

Personal finance lessons from "Downton Abbey"

Helen we talk to all kinds if investors. The female investors tend to be more cautious about who they are talking to and what are the qualifiers. The typical male investor rushes right in with the scenario often leaving the " who are you" at the end of the conversation. BTW I am British and love the show too! Regards Paul By Paul Ripner on 2015 02 27

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