Small Business Sets Records Thanks to Amazon Prime Day

Fort Collins-based Wild Zora's sales on Amazon went from $3,000 a month to more than $3,000 a day

In 2013, Zora and Josh Tabin were shopping for healthy snacks for their young children and realized there was a lack of all-natural, no sugar added, low-carb, grain-free options. With a small garden at home in Fort Collins, Zora Tabin decided to take it into her own hands and begin making her own meat and veggie bars from scratch using 100 percent grass-fed beef from a local rancher and fresh vegetables from her garden.

As Tabin experimented with different flavors and perfected her recipes, friends and neighbors took notice in the healthy homemade snacks. Before long, the Tabins decided to turn Zora’s kitchen hobby into a business, and launched Wild Zora.

Starting off small, the couple initially sold their products at farmer’s markets and through their own website. In 2015, they began peddling their goods on Amazon and contracted a company to handle online sales.

“Within two years, we were in 800 grocery stores and working with consultants to manage our Amazon sales, but at the end of the day, we were still in the red,” say Josh Tabin.

He left his day-job and worked on Wild Zora full-time; the Tabins felt they could manage their Amazon listings and strategy on their own and took the take on internally.

Within a year, Wild Zora’s sales on Amazon went from $3,000 a month to more than $3,000 a day.

Amazon now makes-up a significant portion of our business and helped us become profitable,” explains Josh Tabin. “Since focusing on Amazon, we’ve been able to create several new flavors and products, hire over 15 full- and part-time employees, and we bought the building that we were renting – a very cool old building in downtown Loveland.”

Wild Zora uses Fulfillment by Amazon which makes their products eligible for free Two-Day Shipping for Prime members. The team sends large batches of products to Amazon, and Amazon handles the packing and shipping.

“Just after Prime Day, we decided to have a Lightning Deal on Amazon and had a record day!” says Josh Tabin. A Lightning Deal is a promotion offered in limited quantity for a short period of time.

Earlier this year, Wild Zora acquired Paleo Meals To Go and is growing their customer base now with healthy, tasty and convenient meals, in addition to their original snack bars.

“I love that our work at Wild Zora helps people take control of their diet and energy levels, eat healthier, and be happier!” says Zora Tabin.

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