Social media pandemic growth solutions for small businesses

Even though there’s social distancing, we still have social media
Social Media Pandemic Growth Solutions For Small Businesses

Small businesses are currently taking a huge hit as the coronavirus pandemic continues, and if they want to stay afloat they must adapt. During this unpredictable time, a fear has been instilled in many individuals to decrease consumer spending. It’s smart for entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus more of their time online. Some businesses may not be sure of how to react, respond, or handle this “new way” of doing things. Here are some surefire, helpful tips for your small business to have social media guide you through these unprecedented coronavirus waters.

Utilize chatbot messaging to provide one-on-one support

To make up for the social media shift, businesses have been using Facebook Messenger campaigns through chatbots to build up their email/client lists Iike Manychat. Their user-friendly site only takes a few clicks to set up your ad, link it to the chatbot, and once someone initiates with the chatbot, their contact information is gathered. This gives you a new potential client to pursue and communicate with. From these connections, you can use the email list with an incentive to sign up by offering promos and/or deals. Retail businesses and restaurants could give out discounts and meal specials and promote their clients and customers with gift cards or prepay services so they can give yours, and other businesses, a lifeline.

Create personal video connections

Focus on reaching the largest audiences, not the fastest growing; this means Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In March of 2020, SensorTower reported TikTok to have the “most downloaded non-game app worldwide with more than 115.2 million installs.” Tie your business with videos via TikTok, then distribute that video through other social media outlets. Make Instagram stories for your friends or do Instagram takeovers on other accounts you can help. According to Facebook, the U.S. alone has seen a 70% increase in Instagram Live usage during the pandemic. Build that support traction by posting updates, direct messages, likes, videos, pictures, specials, bingo board games, whatever you think will give the best traction.

Implement trending hashtags and campaigns

Instagram influencers make do with the thirty hashtag limit the app offers, and to reach new audience members they sometimes include hashtags that have nothing to do with their content/product. Also, focus on hashtags that are around 50,000 to target more niche categories and create co-branded hashtags with other small business partners. Business owners should utilize topical hashtag trends to stay relevant.

Be transparent and in more communication with current customers

According to SproutSocial, 86% of consumers believe transparency is more important than ever, 85% are more likely to stick with a brand through a crisis if those brands are transparent, and 78% want brands that use social media to connect people with each other. If you were on the fence about pivoting your business more toward social media, now is the perfect time to build relationships with your followers. Conversations and clicks must be considered before sales and conversions. Try to connect with people in real time. Whether it’s live streams on YouTube, group Q&As, webinars, live virtual tours, and/or posting and commenting in real time, stay in touch. Be there for them. Flesh out your relationships. Become more of a friend than a business.

Monitor Google Trends keyword spikes for opportunities

E-commerce will continue to explode as consumers eschew physical stores and crowded gatherings—but this can create logistical challenges. Delivery services across the board are seeing an onslaught of new customers as consumers continue avoiding public places. More of their demands will come from digital services that fulfill everyday needs beyond retail, including the delivery of food and goods via Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash, as well as online grocers like Instacart and FreshDirect. Concentrate on what you can do and communicate that message to your guests. Many restaurants are pivoting away from “making reservations” to “let us deliver or come pick up.”

Create partnerships and give back to communities

Choose a social media marketing agency from or hire a freelancer from LinkedIn ProFinder where you can find true social media experts with credible reviews to have breakthrough results for expanding rapidly on social media that are affordable. If you’re able, use social media to let your followers/customers know you can contribute any extra supplies to area food banks or assist the elderly with grocery shopping. Promote your good deeds with social media marketing to help build your brand.

People feel the need to connect more due to daily changes in lifestyle, whether those changes are drastic or casual. We’re all in this together, so let’s make the best of it. Don’t forget, we might be social distancing, but we still have social media.

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