7 Investment Strategies for 2023

In 1992 Queen Elizabeth was famous for saying “annus horribilis” when three of her four children’s marriages dissolved and Windsor Castle caught fire - a horrible year. The same could be said about 2022 for investors and investment strategies. A…

Bear Market Rally or New Bull Market? 

Investment returns, as of June 30th, 2022, marked the worst start for both the stock and bond markets in 50 years. Inflation, rising interest rates, negative GDP growth, de-globalization, political unrest, and the war in Ukraine hit investors simultaneously. There…

Is “growth of income” a better strategy than “growth for income” for 2021?

Think about your personal financial goals. If you’re like most people, you are investing to generate income. Whether you need that income today or in the future, most people invest with the belief that doing so will provide, maintain, or improve their income. There are two common but very different approaches to this. Here, an expert analyzes these strategies.

Some misconceptions about gold

Compared to gold, stocks provide superior protection against inflation over time. In times of heightened uncertainty and/or volatility, should you rebalance your portfolio to include gold as a hedge? No. As a general matter of portfolio construction, should you invest directly in gold or other commodities? Also no. Find out more.