Taiwanese Businesses Commit to Sustainable Products at Outdoor Retailer

International perspective post-Outdoor Retailer conference and expo

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market proved a great investment for Colorado as vendors from across the country – and the world – met in Denver at the Colorado Convention Center. The center of that commitment was around working with businesses that practiced eco-friendly manufacturing and produced sustainable products, including international operations.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable practices are no longer an option when doing business in the U.S. and Colorado; it is a necessity with consumers who have grown more environmentally conscious and demand transparency. The Taiwanese textile and trade industry clearly recognizes this trend and offered attendees new options at attractive price points.

As the global hub for functional fabric production, Taiwan accounts for 50 percent of the global output value of all functional fabrics. Taiwan is committed to be a key partner for the U.S. The nation’s competitive advantage in functional, environmental and smart fabrics includes strong development and integration abilities for artificial fibers, and an excellent ability to provide a wide variety of differentiated and customized fabrics in small quantities.

The use of biodegradable products and manufacturing solutions was top of mind for the Taiwanese companies presenting new materials at Outdoor Retailer. Some products revealed the use of ground coffee bean oils in the waterproofing process. Others focused on evaporative cooling and thermo regulation of wool blends for performance enhancement, sustainable and functional natural-fiber blended fabrics, and provided ways to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing the right fabric.

Four of Taiwan’s leading textile manufacturers presented innovative products at the Summer Market, including: Evertex Fabrinology Ltd., Singtex Industrial Company, Ltd., Tex-Ray Industrial Co. Ltd., and Toung Loong Textile Mfg. Co.

Taiwan’s production advantage includes low pollution and energy consumption, innovative technologies in its semiconductor and biomedical industries, electronic components and cross-industry integration.


As businesses, we have the same commitment to protecting the earth and reducing our carbon footprint. As Evertex’s Tony Yeh put it during the product showcase: “We have taken from the earth, now everything we do from consumer products that come off of our bodies into a landfill to how we manufacture those products is important – not just to us, but to those we do business with in the U.S.”

Jessica Lin is the director of Taiwan Trade Center in Los Angeles.

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