The Benefits of Inter-Agency Collaboration

Specialized marketing solutions that meet or exceed the quality standards that many full service agencies deliver

In today’s ever-crowded marketplace, companies and organizations are recognizing the role audience perception plays in the performance of their brand. Successful companies are investing in a variety of professional service firms to produce unique, thought-provoking interactions, be that through brand design, advertising, technology or public relations. While investing in these services is nothing new in the world of marketing, a unique distinction can be seen in the modern-day model.

Previously, brands often sought out a full service, all-in-one agency to bring marketing genius a la Mad Men’s Sterling Cooper. Today, the marketing field is filled with niche agencies focused on a single area of the market. In this article, we’ll explain the driving factors behind this upsurge of focused specialties, as well as outline how companies can be more successful partnering with multiple niche agencies versus the one-stop-shop model.

As with any industry, marketing and advertising grows, adapts and responds to the world around it. Specifically in this case, marketing has responded to the increase in audience touch points for any given brand. As companies continue to recognize the importance of investing in marketing services, the industry itself becomes increasingly crowded. This overcrowding and subsequent competition forces individual marketing agencies to either specialize in a subset of skills to give themselves a leg up over the competition, or face the reality of trying to be everything to everyone and risk closing shop. The resulting specialization means agencies must hire resources to support an identified niche, and ultimately results in a shift in service offerings. While this limits the type of projects they can take on, it expands capabilities within that service subset. Specialization also allows individual firms to stay on top of industry insight, be that a new technology, the latest design trends or growth predictions for the future.

As the specialized agency continues to see predominance over full service, we’ve also seen a shift toward inter-agency collaboration. Agencies themselves are recognizing the undeniable value in working with, rather than against, one another. This is especially true for those agencies with a combined vested interest in their client(s), as they are focused on delivering the best solution, rather than a solution most profitable to the agency as a whole. Collaboration not only ensures that the end-client is equipped with the best in creative, digital or traditional marketing services, but also creates an environment which fosters innovation, as individuals with different areas of expertise are brought together with a common goal in mind.

Instances of collaboration have also led to an increasingly connected marketing and advertising industry within a key geographic region. In Denver, for example, it is rare for agencies and firms within the industry not to cross paths. With this level of familiarity in place, it ensures less disjointed efforts when collaborating on a shared client.

All of these benefits of inter-agency collaboration ultimately lead to one thing: specialized marketing solutions that meet or exceed the quality standards that many full service agencies deliver. Be it a website design firm partnering with a PR company or a brand strategist with an advertising agency, more clients are straying from the traditional single agency model to improve the positioning, perception or execution of their existing brand.

Eli Gerson is the CEO of D+i Creative and oversees major brand initiatives and digital projects for companies, city agencies and nonprofit organizations. He excels at aligning teams of various sizes to a singular direction and vision of their organization's brand.

Ben Gust is the chief creative officer at D+i Creative and is responsible for the work product from both an original creative and level of quality standpoint, overseeing all creative execution that passes through the studio and originating ideas and solutions from a conceptual, visual and verbal approach as necessar

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