The Best Big Businesses to Work For in Colorado

Staffing and services firm, Collabera wins big in 2018


The large company category of the annual Best Companies to Work For program employ anywhere between 251 and 5,000 people. Our winner in 2018 is Collabera, an innovative recruitment firm has a small Colorado presence, but puts even more people to work with its supportive service. Read and watch on to learn more.


Job-hunting is rarely a walk in the park. It’s a sometimes-fruitless slog; a time-consuming, often defeating and demanding process.

But since 1991, Collabera has been the silver lining in the career search, offering continuous support and taking the burden out of the equation, match-making professionals, passion and purpose.

Collabera’s small but mighty 16-person Colorado footprint – of a 585-person global team – offers comprehensive IT and professional staffing and managed services.

People are at the forefront of Collabera’s work – starting from the inside with its supportive employee network and extending globally to include recent graduates all the way to C-suite executives – all in hot pursuit of their next challenge. The company inspires collaboration and spent last year with a laser focus on employee satisfaction, striving to promote a family-feel on the team.

The organization is a certified Minority Business Enterprise, and is the largest minority-owned IT staffing and services firm in the U.S.

The organization describes its role as the “intersection of hopes, of dreams, of problem-solving and growth.” Its cultural values promote integrity, no matter the job-seeker, the employer or the circumstances that brought them there.

Collabera Cares, an ongoing corporate social responsibility initiative, provides assistance to the people and organizations that need it most. Throughout the year, employees are encouraged to take part in volunteer work, charitable functions and fundraising opportunities to make the world a better place.

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This publicly traded, $3.3 billion HR services provider makes the grade for a Best Company to Work For each year because from top to bottom, the organization recognizes the vital role that people play in professional success.

It is said that many Insperity employees describe their roles as their “calling,” as they push individuals and communities to prosper through the full-service solution. The company administers employee benefits, payroll, health insurance, government compliance, workers’ compensation and employee training. These commitments are matched by a work-life balance that transcends lip service and truly embodies family-friendly values.

“Culture is like the oil in the engine that makes it all run smoothly but efficiently,” Insperity CEO Paul Sarvadi says. “If you don’t have oil in the engine, everything breaks down and locks up and you can’t move.”

The company’s 37-person Denver office is part of a robust corporate give-back program that incentivizes employees to get involved in volunteerism and leadership opportunities within their communities. Employees are given 12 hours of paid time off each quarter to participate in volunteer events. Areas of interest include health and human services, education, military and veteran communities, welfare organizations, the environment and conservation efforts.


Sunrun Inc., one of the nation’s largest residential solar companies, is dedicated to leasing and installing solar systems in an effort to redefine the planet. With offices scattered around the U.S., the team’s Colorado presence includes more than 400 employees.

“We, as a company, we’re a trailblazing organization,” says Ryan Harris, Sunrun vice president of sales strategy and execution.

“We’re tackling challenges and creating solutions that nobody before us has created, and sometimes that’s scary. Courage to me is about being able to stand up and say, ‘I don’t know exactly how I’m going to get this done, but you can count on me.’”

Passion and empathy are two defining features exhibited in the people Sunrun attracts. Extensive benefits and a supportive team structure keep talent loyal and engaged.

This year, Sunrun offered its “solar-as-a-service” and home batteries to households in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria’s devastation.

Why is Sunrun such an outstanding workplace? “Coming to work every day and bringing something extra; love for what we do,” says Ethan Miller, senior vice president of operations. “It’s that extra engagement around doing things as best as they possibly can be done.”

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A rich 77-year history of employee-anchored, authentic relationships has bolstered this Highlands Ranch-based employer and its party of 875 who sell and service car brands ranging from BMW to Mercedes, Subaru to Honda, Hyundai to MINI and Mazda. The family-owned dealership has earned national recognition throughout the decades for its excellence, innovation, hospitality and performance.

Benefits and policies designed to build an engaged and culturally enriched workforce draw the team closer, building career trajectories and a framework of opportunities based on employees’ skills and interests. A gym, personal trainer, massage therapist and chiropractor on the premises promote health and wellness at work, as well.

More than a dealership, a shared sense of responsibility compels Schomp employees and leadership to support the community through programs like the annual Children’s Hospital sale Schomp hosts. And historically, even during tough economic times, Lisa Schomp, the ground-breaking auto dealer, continued supporting community partners, compelled by a sense of duty.

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