The Climb of Coworking Salon Suites

Expanding the notion of coworking to new industries and professional services throughout Colorado

In today’s startup-driven world, coworking spaces have proven practical options for entrepreneurs worldwide. Gaining momentum in past few years, the shared environment remains a popular solution for growing businesses amid building transitions, long-standing companies that value creative collaboration and individuals determined to be their own bosses.

While coworking spaces are embraced by countless industries, it’s quickly becoming a preferred way of life for health and beauty professionals in particular. According to Salon Today, there has been a 5 percent decrease in traditional commission-based salons in the last year.

So what’s convincing stylists to make the switch from the conventional salon setting? Signs may point to the emergence of salon suite concepts, potential for a larger income and independence.


According to the Professional Beauty Association, the number of positions available in the industry is expected to increase 16 percent by 2020. The influx is largely due to the growth in salon space for beauty professionals to run their own independent business.

Salon suite concepts, such as MY SALON Suite, are coworking spaces specifically built for beauty and health professionals who want to own and operate their own businesses without opening an entire salon. Depending on the venue size, salon suites can house 20 to 70 independent specialists, ranging from hair stylists, nail technicians and estheticians, all under one roof.

In Colorado, these concepts are growing at a rapid pace, with three MY SALON Suite locations opening in Westminster, Denver and Colorado Springs in just the past few months.

Given the obstacles salon professionals may face when opening a business – lack of ownership experience and financial means – salon suites are designed to support entrepreneurship by providing professional and business training opportunities, client scheduling, management software and beauty product sales courses.


Some seasoned salon owners that have switched from a traditional salon setting to a coworking space attribute the change to skyrocketing rent. When they transfer settings, they’re removing the headache from running a salon and managing employees and focusing entirely on their personal business’ growth.

For young stylists starting in a coworking setting, many value the ability to keep 100 percent of the money they earn, and the amenities typically included with their studio. High-end salon suite companies come fully-equipped with styling and shampoo stations, cabinetry, state-of-the-art security and intercom system and laundry rooms. Plus, most suite rentals include perks such as common-area maintenance and cleaning, electricity, water and Wi-Fi.


Perhaps the most attractive aspect of coworking spaces or private salon suite concepts is the freedom. Unlike conventional salons, this alternative, independent lifestyle is letting beauty professionals call the shots, from pricing to product and everything in between. When working in a private space, stylists are customizing the suite according to their business expertise, clients’ needs and personal flair. Additionally, most independent stylists choose a venue with 24/7 suite access. This allows flexibility to schedule working days and hours that are most convenient for the beauty professional and their clients.

With a thriving rental/leasing model in place, the salon suite era is expected to foster growth in the health and beauty industry for years to come.

Natalie Sperr is the co-owner and property manager of MY SALON Suite Westminster. MY SALON Suite attracts and inspires experienced professionals from all facets of the health and beauty industry to individually own and operate their own businesses in one of several private suites, each fully equipped with a styling center, state-of-the-art security system and other eco-salon suite amenities.

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