The jealousy-jungle solution

Have you ever experienced jealousy? It’s as if a crazy little creature takes over within you; you can’t think or respond with any amount of clarity. Jealousy or envy flow from an ungrateful heart and, if prolonged, have the ability to physiologically affect your body.

Envy flows from a desire to have what someone else has; jealousy is fueled by the fear that someone will take away something you have, as is the case in relationships. These are creepy little serpents that rob you of your ability to rejoice with those who experience prosperity and joy in life.

These two serpents slither from a space of lack and scarcity, the pit of victimization and entitlement: I want what you have. The bottom line of this imprisoned response to life flows from the following belief: I need what you have in order to feel successful; loved; enough; complete; I have made it. What’s your muse?

Jealousy acts as a fertilizer to stress in the body. It flows from feelings of   inadequacy. When you find yourself imprisoned by the serpent of jealousy you disconnect yourself from creativity and inner inspiration. Basically, in those moments of envy and jealousy you forget the unique value you bring to this world and the confidence that flows from knowing you are safe and secure. In the jealousy space, you become consumed with the “I’m not good enough just as I am” mentality.

Whenever you choose to stop the craze of comparison, you open yourself up to your innate ability to celebrate your uniqueness and others. Next time you notice that envy knot in your stomach, start to connect to everything you are grateful for in life. This will get you out of your head and back into your heart where love can have its way with you again. Here, you can remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully created in love and for love, lacking nothing for a life of value. You will notice that you have an expanded ability to tune into and participate in collaborative efforts for a greater good on earth.

Have full confidence that the unique beauty you bring into this world contains the essential notes needed to create this beautiful symphony of life, as do those around you.

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