The picture of success

For decades now, goal-setting and visualization have been considered crucial ingredients for success.  Motivational speakers, Olympic athletes and even mainstream films and books, like The Secret, have stressed the importance of thoughts and visualization in achieving your dreams, whether business-related or focused on other aspects of your life.

Years of familiarity with these concepts and many similar prescriptions from the likes of Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield and Anthony Robbins have convinced me to put theory into practice.  Recently, I decided to conduct my own experiment and document the entire journey.        

Because I love learning, I’ve long put into practice what I’ve been taught. My latest teacher is Cameron Herold, author of  Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or LessIn this book, Herold introduces a concept that inspired me to act: the concept of creating a “painted picture.”

I used the principles and techniques outlined in the book to start the process of creating a painted picture. The painted picture of my practice involves many others and so is collaborative. I invite you to check out our updates and journey on Facebook.

A Harvard study found that those who wrote down their goals were far more likely to achieve them. I have always believed this, but in growing a business, I wanted to find a way to incorporate everyone on my team to be a part of creating something bigger.  When I read about the collaborative aspects of the “painted picture” concept, I implemented it immediately into our practice.

Five major steps are involved in creating a “painted picture” for your business or practice:

1. Get Clear on Your Goals.
The first step is getting clear. What do you want to see in your practice or business for the next three years? The focus of this particular book is to double your revenue in three years. That may seem like a small goal, not particularly difficult to achieve, but completing the process recommended in the book can lead to additional growth. Topics that we brainstormed, including some specific to my goals, were:
• Purpose
• What we do
• Achievements by April 2015
• How we feel
• Partnerships
• Consulting
• Webinars
• Products
• Board of directors
• Culture and spirit
• Brand/Image
• ColoradoBiz Magazine
• Community Giving
• Leadership
• Customer Service
• Systems
• Profitability
• Media/Social Media
• Communication
• Fitness
• Mentors
• Balance
• Core Values

2. Do Some Mind Mapping.
Take five minutes and begin to “mind map” on the topic areas that you have chosen or that are relevant to you. Have any staff, contracted help, etc., do the same with their goals for the business.

3. Share.
Create an “Imagine when …” wall to highlight these goals. We have placed corkboards in our office kitchen and have printed out our goals for each of the areas listed above. It has been fun watching each person contribute different elements that represent their values and what they feel is important. This has also created a newfound sense of closeness and trust, as each person’s goal reveals a little more about them to those they work with. I encourage getting as creative as possible and having fun with this process. If it is not up your alley, explore with others on your staff who might be interested in leading this creative process. 

4. Look, Contemplate and Reflect.
Look, contemplate and reflect often on what it is that you are creating.  Remember that creation is a constantly changing journey and that half the fun can be found in the process itself. Be careful about getting too wrapped up in the “how” of it all. Your job is to paint the picture and then imagine it until it almost magically jumps off your canvas. Often this happens in ways you could never anticipate. Avoid doubt by allowing yourself to keep an open mind. This kind of openness will allow you to really get a sense of what it feels like to achieve your goals as you imagine them. 

5. Step Into Your Picture.
The last step is literally just stepping into your “painted picture” once it has physically manifested in your life!

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