The power of digital ads

How using online ads saved businesses during the pandemic

The pandemic caused many businesses to rely more heavily on their online presence than ever before. While some businesses were able to survive, others were forced to close their doors.

As a small business owner of a local marketing agency here in Colorado, my goal has always been to help make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Since the beginning of my marketing journey, I’ve found marketing to be an outlet for overcoming struggles and losses, and empowering individuals and businesses to tell their own narrative.

There is a healing power to connecting with others, and I find that digital platforms are the most effective way to amplify stories and reach the right audience, especially during this challenging time.

Eight years ago, I tragically lost my brother to suicide. Looking for a way to help others struggling with similar problems, I threw myself into online marketing and found it to be a great way to connect with people.

I started by creating online ads targeting those who had also lost someone to suicide and highlighting the resources people could use. The feedback I received from these ads was overwhelming. Many had shared that the ads helped them during their struggles and some had even saved a few people’s lives.

Realizing the power of advertising and finding fulfillment in connecting to people, I decided I could dive deeper into this tool and help connect people.

When I first started learning about advertising, I started with search engine optimization and, after some time and research, I eventually became well-versed with other marketing methods like content marketing, email and video marketing, conversion optimization, E-commerce, and business growth.

Using this knowledge, I started teaching local business owners how to use advertising to find success themselves, and thus, Enlightened Marketing LLC was born.

As a brand devoted to helping other small businesses, I had a front row seat to how COVID-19 impacted business.

Initially, many small businesses struggled to become digitally savvy, as they did not have the time or means to easily transition. As a marketing agency that has always been online driven, Enlightened Marketing was fortunate to be well suited for virtual business during the pandemic and experienced a large growth in clients. We wanted to use our expertise to help clients not only survive the transition, but thrive in sales.

Businesses from all calibers and industries suffered last year, but teaching clients how to navigate using advertising on Facebook and Instagram is what ended up saving most of them.

One client I was especially pleased to help was Timberline Tax Group in Northglenn, Colorado. As a tax resolution firm that was struggling with online lead generation, Enlightened Marketing was able to create an effective strategy specifically for them and launch Facebook ads that generated dozens of highly qualified leads every week. The elevated lead generation has led to a significant amount of closed deals and positive revenue for the company, helping Timberline Tax Group grow locally and nationally. Their success even allowed them to bring back their sales team employees that had been let go due to the impacts of the pandemic.

My knowledge of advertising did not happen overnight, but I am pleased that today I have helped small businesses in over 50 industries around the world. From baby products to law firms, I have helped my clients reach hundreds of millions of viewers and generate millions of dollars in profit.

As Colorado begins to get back to normal, my advice to other small businesses is to never lose sight of your message.

Small businesses have the opportunity to have their ads seen across the world all by learning how to operate social media.

Your trade may not be marketing, but utilizing marketing tools or hiring an expert can help extend your reach and take your business to the next level.

Jeremy Howie is the CEO of Enlightened Marketing LLC.

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