The top dogs in offices across Colorado

Here are great pups helping to make workplaces happier

It turns out that some Colorado businesses have gone to the dogs — and very accomplished dogs at that.

At Land+Shelter, an architecture and planning firm with offices in Aspen and Carbondale, rescue dog Beer has had a book written about his life to raise awareness for a local animal shelter.

At Colorado Plastics, Hunter the poodle recommends an article in The Economist, “Manager's Best Friend." It explains one researcher's experiments to test his theory that having dogs in offices might make people collaborate more effectively.  Hunter also appears briefly in the middle of the Colorado Plastics intro video.

Fairview Lending has three canine colleagues — Roscoe, Sasha and Mr. Waddles. Dog-loving Yellowdog Printing features Baloo, Duke and Lucy, who puts the yellow dog in Yellowdog.

Pinyon Environmental, a small, woman-owned consulting firm based in Lakewood, employs 60 engineers, biologists, environmental scientists, technicians, and administrative staff — and 13 furry friends. Check out what Pinyon's Violet is wearing for the holidays!

Click on each picture for stories about the amazing dogs putting smiles on faces in offices across Colorado:


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