The Urban Oasis of Denver’s Crestmoor, Hilltop and Cranmer Park Neighborhoods

A blend of old and new, traditional and trendy

Bordered by Monaco Parkway on the East, Alameda on the South, 6th Avenue Parkway on the north and Colorado Boulevard to the west the neighborhoods are highlighted by mature trees and vegetation, lush city parks (Crestmoor Park, Cranmer Park, Robinson Park) and architecturally-distinct homes. Adding to the ambiance are quality schools, large lots, churches and synagogues, new townhomes and condos, restaurants galore, entertainment and more.  

While these three neighborhoods all share a strong past, they are also experiencing a tremendous present and can look forward to a bright future. Home values are rising as more and more people discover these gems and decide to call them home. While this growth might be distressing to some, it is being addressed with care and oversight, helping to maintain the quality and character of the entire area.

Some of the more special places (past, present and future) in the neighborhoods include:


The sundial was installed in 1941 and was based on an ancient Chinese sundial, out of quartzite stone quarried in Lyons. It was donated by longtime Manager of Denver Parks George E. Cranmer, for whom the park is now named.  A restoration project is underway that encompasses reconstructing the terrazzo panorama, repairing the sundial, and rebuilding the foundation of the terrace.


There are numerous restaurants tucked along neighborhood streets, including Noble Hog Charcuterie, La Fillette Bakery, family-owned Stargazer, The Cheese Company, Pete’s Fruits and Vegetables, High Point Creamery, Novo Coffee, Park Burger and Steep Tea and Coffee.


People can find plenty of open spaces and places to enjoy the Colorado sunshine in all three neighborhoods. The area parks have grassy fields for soccer, volleyball, football games, picnics, bike rides, jogging, walking or simply sitting in the grass. The 90-year-old Denver Tennis Club features a modern clubhouse with plenty of tennis courts. The Crestmoor Swim and Tennis Club is a great family club, with tennis courts, a pool, picnic tables, grills and a great summer program.


The neighborhoods are home to many of Denver’s best schools, including Carson, Steck, Temple Emanuel, Graland Country Day and Hill. The residential market is also active, with new and old homes available for sale and new townhome and condo developments such as Crestmoor Heights which includes the Cedar Row Homes and the brand new Monaco One Fifty Five condominium development.

The Crestmoor, Hilltop and Cranmer Park Neighborhoods provide people who want to live near the city with a true urban oasis. There is a perfect blend of old and new, traditional and trendy, and it’s all outside the local residents’ front doors.

Christine Sheldon is the community manager at Crestmoor Heights.

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