Three simple tips for positive growth

If you want to grow in a positive direction this year at work and at home, explore pruning the following areas:

1. Toxic Relationships: those relationships that drain your energy consistently in life. Set healthy boundaries,eliminate the drug of approval and the disease to please. Too often our desire to be liked creates a massive energy leak in our day-to-day activities as we go into overdrive trying to win the approval of those people around us. Before saying yes to a request from someone who wants your time and energy, pause and ask yourself the motives behind doing what you are about to do. Do what you do because of who you are, not because it will be seen, acknowledged or recognized.

External praise and popularity will come and go in life, your sense of authenticity and definitive purpose last forever, spend your energy wisely. Pull up your drawbridge and stay in your interior castle as you  tune into healthy boundaries concerning the people you choose to spend time with in life.

Too often, your relationship with yourself is toxic. What intonations do you use with yourself? Do you hold merciless expectations around your own performance? This reveals an external attachment to something outside of you that you have given power to in terms of defining your sense of worth and value that often sounds like: “I will love myself if…I will accept myself after I accomplish this, that or the other thing.” Explore  putting healthy self-care systems in place that refresh and motivate you fromthe inside out.

2. Negative Talk: Inside your head and out of your mouth. Use your delete key. Snip off every negative perception that shoots out of the gate. Say YES to life, love and kindness. Life happens and remains objective, void of  negative emotional flare-ups until you label the situation as  threatening to your safety and connection. Keep watch over the intonation you use with yourself and those around you. You have the ability to flip your mood on the spot by your choice of verbiage. Avoid complainers, recent studies have revealed that your brain can actually shrink when you are consistently exposed to complaining.  Your attitude is either your closest friend or worst enemy and you get to choose it every day. Choose wisely, your experience of life in earth school depends on it. 

3. Unhealthy Food/Drink + No Movement: Prune all day long food and drink that does not support your health and well-being. Take time to learn about the foods that fuel your cells. Before you put any food or drink in your mouth ask yourself: “Will this fuel my earth suit with health and well-being? If the answer is no, then prune away. After walking through the experience of advanced cancer, I have profound gratitude for the fact that my body is thriving.  Don’t wait until your body is speaking so loudly to you that your every day life is compromised save it. Make healthy choices now.

Want more energy and clarity of focus? Explore committing to a three-week refined sugar and junk food fast. This is the length of time it takes to break the addictive interior cycle. Exercise each day even if it is only 5-10 minutes of interval training: Do any exercise of your choice for one minute as fast as you can then rest for one minute. Repeat this burst/rest cycle for 5 -10 minutes and up to 20 minutes when possible once a day. Your body becomes prone to disease when you have a compromised immune system, a decrease in oxygenation and an increase in inflammation. Exercise boosts your immune system, oxygenates cells and decreases inflammation.

As Einstein said, “the field directly effects the particle.” Create a healthy internal field and the particles (cells and systems) will thrive.