Three tips to help you stand outside of overwhelm

Do you ever feel steamrolled by the craziness of life, which seems to explode in spite of your attempts to keep the peace? Stress is simply the power we give to outside circumstance to define our worth, value and capability. Life happens, and I can assure you that as long as your heart is beating and you have breath in your lungs, life will continue to unfold before you.

Events, to-do lists and external feedback will continue to pop up in your face all of which remain objective until you label them as a threat to your sense of worth, value and capability. As soon as you label something as a threat to your safety (spiritually, emotionally and/or physically), you become vulnerable to the serpent’s voice of fear, doubt and worry: they don’t like me; I can’t do that; what if this doesn’t turn out the way I want it to?

Did you forget you have the ability to choose your response to life? Below are 3 tips to help you choose calm and confidence instead of overwhelm:

1. As much as possible throughout your day, step out of your familiar response to life. You can actually boost your sense of well-being and your immune system each time you make the choice to explore positive responses to life: laugh; skip; whistle; hum; dance; play; sing. When you engage in these activities, which you used to do daily as a young child, you distract yourself from the mental muck that keeps you tied up and stressed out inside your castle. 

Lighten up and choose to bring joy into your life and the lives of those you love. Whatever you give comes back to you. If it is kindness and understanding, you will begin to experience more of that in life. Too often in the workplace, we put the project over the person, which creates, disconnect and stress.  We are created to connect, when we forget this is one of our basic needs in life; when meaningful connections are minimized during the day, our creativity is stifled which compromises productivity. The most productive companies put a high value on a corporate culture that champions it’s people through personal development surrounded by a fun atmosphere.

2.  Release the use of these two words: WHAT IF? You literally open the drawbridge of your interior castle to fear, doubt and worry each time you utter those two words coupled with negative suggestion: What if it doesn’t work out? What if I can’t do that? What if I don’t know how to do that? What if I don’t get what I think I deserve? Flip these two words to work in your favor: What If…I do know how to do that I just don’t know how yet? What if this step of faith leads to positive expansion? What if I am capable of doing this I simply need to gather all available resources to my side in order to make it happen? What if I can handle anything that comes my way? What if I can never fail and all things work together for my ultimate good and the good of all concerned when I choose faith over fear?

3.  Observe and be curious…expand the gap between that which happens outside of you and your response to it.  As you Practice lingering more in life, you clear up mental space to create instead of ruminate. Release your need for certain responses from people and circumstances to celebrate your unique worth, value and capabilities. Seek to understand more than you seek to be understood.

Set out to hold onto information that supports a joy filled, loving and peaceful life style. Life is meant to be experienced not defined. When you are a curious and fascinated human being about all of life, you are more apt to pass the earth school test for that day which often answers one of our deepest wonderings: Why do I matter?

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