Tips for marketing in the real estate industry

Science + art + heart = marketing success!

Marketing is a combination of science and art. Today mobile activity has surpassed laptop activity. Knowing that simple fact allows you to think differently about how you’re reaching your specific audience. The science of marketing uses a combination of psychogenic market segmentation and analysis studies, while the art of marketing creates an appealing community through engaging messaging.

The Science

From geo-targeted data, niche marketing, programmatic advertising to native ads there is a lot to consider and a plethora of information to track when it comes to strategically marketing your product. For the analytical mindset this age of marketing is a dream come true taking the once coveted impression as a performance measure up 100 notches to being able to track a specific click by a specific person with all of their demographic data attached. Woo hoo for data! However, two questions remain, what do you do with it and how do you use it to your advantage?

Demographic data can be used to target your consumer with specific niche marketing and native, organic ads. This means targeting someone by their likes and interests will be more effective than targeting a mass audience, hoping to find a needle in a haystack. Data on views, clicks, click-throughs and website exit landing pages will provide you with insight on the mind of your consumer and whether or not you grabbed their attention enough for a repeat visit or a share to one of their friends. Using this data to guide your efforts and provide thoughtful insight and forethought into your marketing tactics will take your strategy to the level that understands and engages the user who will ultimately become your customer.

The Art

The art of marketing begins with focusing on the consumer. Focus on their needs, wants and desires; listen and communicate in a way that is beautifully engaging and attractive. The art of marketing is vast. You can use video, virtual tours, mobile apps, images and even dance themes to grab the attention of your potential customer. The art of marketing is creative, innovative and always trying new things with technology, social media and disruptive marketing.

The art of marketing brings to mind memorable campaigns relevant and relatable to consumers such as “Just Do It” by Nike, “Absolute” by Absolute Vodka, “Got Milk” by California Milk Processor Board and “Where’s the Beef?” by Wendy’s. Each of these campaigns appealed to the consumer’s wants, needs and desires and produced content that still lives in our minds today.

Competitive Advantage

Identifying your competitive advantage and targeting consumers with messages that resonate on the consumer’s chosen, selective platform can be daunting. What does this really mean?

First, identify what makes you different—I mean what really makes you different and like no other in your respective industry specialty. Second, write key messages demonstrating that difference. These messages should be simple and resonate to your respective audience. And, you should have no more than three key messages. Third, figure out where your audience is and send them engaging marketing with your key messages on those platforms whether they are print magazines, digital news or social media apps.

It is paramount to understand your customer’s wants, needs, desires and challenges. It is important for you to connect, listen and make your customer feel engaged with the right message and in the right format. You have less than 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention, so make it count!

Influence Makes for Viral Content

Reach isn’t everything, deep, sustainable engagement is the core to strive for. You can strive for deep engagement by identifying your influencers among your consumers and push content to those influencers. Influence goes beyond social media, influence permeates all marketing mediums. So, choose the right publication for your print ad, select the right digital image for your social campaign and create the most differentiating content for your video. By enhancing the experience of the user and identifying key influencers, your brand content and messaging with be passed on and thereby become viral.

A Little Heart

Ethics and consumption go hand-in-hand. Add purpose to your marketing efforts by volunteering, sponsoring community events or giving to local non-profits. Consumers take notice of companies who align with their personal value system. In essence, a little heart can go a long way!

Take Away

Marketing is a magical, strategic dance between art and science. Today, consumers have more choices than before and more platforms to engage with, so marketing can either be daunting or extremely, unknowingly strategic.

Find your perfect combination of science and art, add a little heart, and you will have the right formula for marketing success.

Good luck!

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