Titan Robotics Goes from Garage to Leading Edge

Meet Entrepreneur of 2019 finalist Clay Guillory

Clay Guillory, founder and CEO

Titan Robotics/Colorado Springs

Titan Robotics’ medium- and large-format 3D printers are being used to make everything from mannequins to rocket parts.

Guillory calls founding the company in 2014 “a fortunate mistake. I started it in my garage, put an ad on Craigslist, and here we are.”

In five short years, he’s seen it jump from his garage to the industry’s leading edge. “We tripled revenue last year and doubled the year before that,” he says. “It’s been pretty crazy.” The 2019 forecast, he says, is “hopefully, doubling again.”

The growth rate is especially impressive considering Guillory has bootstrapped Titan since day one. “It could have distracted us from what we were doing,” he says, crediting his 20-employee (and growing) team for the company’s success.

The open nature of Titan’s technology has also catalyzed the company. “We’re taking injection-molding pellets and we’re printing directly with them,” Guillory says. “We’re skipping the middleman with filament and proprietary materials.”

He adds, “For additive manufacturing to truly become manufacturing, it has to be in step with traditional manufacturing, which is open-market software, open-market hardware, and open-market materials.”

Key markets include “manufacturing, architecture, foundry, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, and some medical,” Guillory says. “It’s everything.” 

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