Today's legal industry faces a myriad of tech-related challenges

Tech-savvy associates are having a big positive impact

A new generation of tech-savvy lawyers are offering new options to clients, even as online industry presents the legal profession with new challenges, Fennemore Craig Managing Director Troy Rackham says.

"The newer generation of millennials are really much more efficient at providing clients (tech) kinds of solutions," he says. "The challenge, though, is to buttress that with the ability to choose which types of information are the best for the client and to help develop client relations skills."

Using the latest technology is key to attracting and retaining the best associates, Rackham says.

Internet-based industries that can offer consumers what appear to be options that are cheaper than hiring an attorney present a challenge to the legal industry, Rackham says. But they're not always the best or right choice.

"There's a variety of organizations that are largely web-based that will do things like contract preparation or will or trust and estate preparation," Rackham says. "For a consumer who's in need of legal services, that can often be an attractive alternative because it's usually much cheaper, it's sometimes going to be a lot more efficient."

The problem, Rackham says, is that online options often are not well-done or tailored to the person's specific legal issue.

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