Top 12 iPad & iPhone tips ‘n tricks

Become more productive with your iPad or iPhone with these quick and easy tips and tricks:

  1. To change the impersonal default iPad signature which reads “Sent from my iPad” to a more personal signature, pick Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature. These same steps will change your iPhone signature, too.
  2. To quickly scroll to the top of an iPad or iPhone page, tap the status bar (the thin black bar at the top of the screen with the current time).
  3. Double tap the Home button on your iPad or iPhone to display the multitasking bar at the bottom to show the most recently opened apps.
  4. Want to add more personality to your messages? Just add emoticons. From your iPad or iPhone, pick Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards (Keyboard on the iPhone) > Add New Keyboard… > choose Emoji. Once you have installed the emoticon keyboard, just access it from your keyboard with the globe icon.
  5. To open the iPad or iPhone Notification Center with updates (such as e-mail, social media) slide your finger down from the status bar (the thin black bar at the top of the screen).
  6. To quickly change brightness on your iPad, double tap the Home button and then swipe to the right for the brightness control.
  7. Tapping & holding the .com button on your iPad or iPhone keyboard brings up other search options including .org and .net.
  8. In the Safari browser on iPad, you can save images-just tap & hold the image to see launch a pop-up for Save Image.
  9. When browsing in Safari on an iPad or iPhone, double tap on a page to zoom in; repeat to zoom out.
  10. For easy numeric and punctuation on an iPad or iPhone, tap & hold the .?123 button (123 button on iPhone) and then drag over to the character you want. No need to manually switch back to the alphabetical characters with this trick.
  11. To quickly type a period on iPad or iPhone, just tap the space bar twice.
  12. To add an apostrophe from the iPad keyboard tap & hold ! key and then slide up; hold and slide up the ? key for a single quote mark.