Top Company 2014: Media/Advertising/PR

Media/Advertising/PR winner: Madwire Media (watch a video about Madwire.)

Judging by Madwire Media’s growth, there is significant demand among small businesses for help with digital marketing.

Founded in 2009 in Loveland, Madwire’s revenues have soared exponentially in subsequent years, and the company’s not shy about trumpeting that growth: In the three years between 2009 and 2012, the company said its revenues grew 5,254 percent.

“We’ve grown with the (digital marketing) industry,” said Madwire spokeswoman Farra Lanzer. “Things change constantly. We change with the market.” As of the end of July, Madwire closed on a $5.5 million series A funding round.

Today, Madwire counts around 150 employees, and in June released a product that ties together all of its services and lessons from five years of work. Marketing 360 is Madwire’s “service and software hybrid,” a product that contains not only the software platform to deploy digital marketing campaigns but also the services of Madwire’s team. Marketing 360 customers get access to a dedicated marketing executive who can monitor and advise clients on marketing campaigns, as well as Madwire’s team of designers, developers and content creators.

“Basically the support is all there,” Lanzer said, adding that the platform is designed to increase customers’ “visibility, clickability and convertability.”

Madwire was founded by a father-son team (Joe Kellogg and JB Kellogg, respectively) in order to conduct marketing for Joe’s commodities trading business. The marketing effort was so successful that Joe and JB decided to offer digital marketing services for other small- to-medium businesses.

“There’s no competitor out there that offers the level of service that we do at the price that we do,” Lanzer said.

As Madwire works to expand its client base for Marketing 360, Lanzer said the company plans to maintain its growth trajectory. “We’re going to continue to evolve our new software, Marketing 360,” she said. “As we incorporate new products and features, we’re just going to continue on this steady growth that we have.”

Media/ad/pr finalists:

Cranium 360

Grand Junction

From its Western Slope headquarters,
Cranium 360 is able to apply its marketing, advertising and communications services to local brands and national campaigns alike, becoming the largest firm of its kind in Grand Junction in just seven years. Most recently, Cranium found its niche, becoming one of the first agencies in the country to produce national video work for legal sentencing specialists, working with defense teams to help convey clients’ stories. Opening a second Colorado location is at the forefront of Cranium 360’s goals for the future.



Webolutions’ results-driven media approach crosses all communication channels, including voice, text, image, Web and video, specifically designed to target a pre-identified audience, maximize the effectiveness of the communication and measure response. Webolutions celebrates its 20th birthday this year, and its clients range from Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care to Century Link.

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