Top Techie Regina Ocwieja looks to eliminate the paper problem

Ocwieja is leading a team to consolidate Conga products’ functionality into microservices to allow for a more seamless product experience

Regina Ocwieja, Senior director of engineering

CONGA | Broomfield


Documents are fundamental to business operations, but physical pages are growing obsolete and can result in inefficiencies and risks.

Conga aims to eliminate the paper problem as a leader in the digital document transformation space. The company provides a suite of solutions to increase organizational productivity by simplifying and automating contracts, data, documents, reporting and more. In August 2019, the venture-backed company, which launched in 2006, hit a $100 million milestone in recurring revenue run rate, and exceeded 1 million licenses.

“During my master’s, I realized my favorite class was where we built accounting systems from scratch,” Ocwieja says. “After graduation, I implemented accounting systems and then moved to implementing [customer relationship management] systems.”

Conga ultimately acquired the company where Ocwieja was working, and she was invited to step into an engineering role.

Her team, “a collaborative group of engineers with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds,” built an easy-to-use e-signature product that “quickly drove time to value for customers.” Conga’s product suite leverages artificial intelligence to maximize the usefulness of data contained in industry documents.

Ocwieja and her colleagues are “working on consolidating Conga products’ functionality into microservices to allow for a more seamless product experience for our 11,000 customers.”

Her inspiration is derived from her peers and the “culture of learning [within] the engineering organization.” Looking ahead, Ocwieja says, “It’s always exciting to hear features that the product team wants us to implement to increase customer value and for our engineering team to share our priorities that will deliver increased scalability and reliability.”


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