Traffic? Yes, but Paths Abound for Getting Around

Denver was recently ranked the fourth-most bike-friendly city in the country

Amid Denver’s traffic and parking challenges, two reports offer some encouraging signs that the city is still plenty navigable – at least on a bike. ranked Denver the fourth-most bike-friendly city in the country based on criteria that included biking infrastructure and bike-sharing availability. The same report, published in May, ranked Denver No. 16 for walkability.

A similar report, by online travel service RewardExpert, pegged Denver as the 10th best of the 53 largest U.S. cities to explore by bike. (Minneapolis was No. 1.) Criteria included bike infrastructure, road connectivity, destinations and number of bike commuters. Denver’s 267 miles of paved bike paths ranked third among all cities, and its number of bike share stations per capita ranked No. 4.

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