Trendsetter JB Kellogg Relishes Risk

CEO of the Year finalist saw opportunity in ever-evolving nature of marketing


When CEO JB Kellogg founded Madwire with his dad in 2009, it was a risky time to launch a startup, but it was the right time to actualize an idea that would put Kellogg at the forefront of technology-based marketing. Kellogg and his father were running a futures trading company when they noticed they’d implemented marketing strategies other small businesses lacked.

“We saw a shift coming, and we saw an opportunity,” Kellogg says. So he seized it. 

“Marketing is always going to exist, but the way we market is constantly changing,” Kellogg says. He’s always had a knack for trendsetting, starting with Madwire’s hallmark offering, Marketing 360. From two founders in 2009 to nearly 600 employees today, Kellogg’s sales philosophy is unique in that the executive starts with his employees, rather than his customers.

“Culture is important to us,” Kellogg says. “If your people aren’t happy, your customers won’t be happy." While some businesses adopt the credo that the customer’s always right, Kellogg says, “We don’t have that philosophy. We listen to customer feedback, but we start by focusing on our team.” That might explain why Madwire has garnered multiple accolades for being a great place to work.

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