Tripcents – More Travel, More Savings

Adventure fin-tech app goes live May 10

Co-founders Brantley Pace and Beau Bergman have been working on tripcents for the last eight months in downtown Denver. Their goal is simple: Get millions of people traveling more by changing the way they save for trips.

At its core, tripcents is a mobile application that uses predictive flight and hotel booking recommendations combined with integrated savings to make trip budgeting easy.

Tripcents travelers are able to automatically save for trips and receive member-only booking deals. Within the app, travelers will streamline the entire process – from dreaming, to budgeting, to saving, to searching, to booking.

Pace and Bergman started working on tripcents while working at StackOverflow, in the cmopany’s Denver office. Combined, they’ve journeyed to nearly 40 countries.

The twosome didn’t set out to build just another tech company; they started it because it was an opportunity to share their passion for travel with the rest of the world.

“We see tripcents as an opportunity to help millions of people travel more,” Bergman says. “Travel has had such a lasting effect on us and we want to share that with the world. If anything comes out of this journey, we hope, at the very least, we can help people understand that travel is more attainable than they think. We truly believe that travel is good for people.”

There are a number of popular mobile fintech – financial technology – apps that help individuals save and invest. These companies are carving out a new space called micro investing or micro savings. Many of these apps have had undeniable success with massive user growth in short periods of time, however, tripcents will be one of the first to combine fintech and travel. This is especially interesting because travel and experiences are front and center when it comes to millenials and their money.

“Everyone we talk to within our target demo has at least one or two trips they’ve always wanted to go on,” Pace says. “They know where they want to go, who they want to go with and a general timeframe for when they want to go. Instead of putting those trips off year after year, travelers can now use tripcents to make these trips a reality.”

Tripcents starts with establishing a new itinerary, then initiates a savings program to make that trip possible. You share when, where, with whom and for how long you would like to go to a destination and they’ll present you with a recommended overall budget for flights and hotels. After receiving the budget recommendation, you’ll subscribe to securely connect your bank account and begin saving monthly for that travel goal. You can select a recurring savings method each month or you can save a lump sum in what is called a “one-time transfer.” The team is currently working on integrating more savings features as their team grows.

As your travel fund grows, tripcents will start sending you flight and hotel booking recommendations that fit within your specific criteria and recommended budget. As a tripcents member, customers score deals on hotels.

The founding team of tripcents has four U.S. military veterans and three former startup founders. The company is are headquartered in Denver, with team members based in NYC, D.C., London and  Hong Kong. “Our goal is to build an entirely remote team,” says Bergman. “We’re a travel company, we want our team to be able to travel whenever they want.”

The good news is that you will be saving for your next trip in no time. Tripcents launched its app for iOS to the Apple App Store May 10. If you have a trip in mind, add it to the “My Trips” tab and tell your friends – There’s even a feature to save alongside your friends to keep them accountable.

After the launch, they will be involved in Boulder Startup Week’s Boulder Beta event on May 14th.

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