What is Homesharing?

And why does it matter?

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Homesharing is when two unrelated people live in a home together and share expenses. Offering a fresh take on roommate living, it’s a win-win solution for those seeking affordable housing — typically younger adults — and those in need of some support to live on their own — often older, active adults.

With the help of a homeshare program like Odd Couples Housing, homeowners offer their spare rooms to seekers at low cost in exchange for an agreed level of support (household chores, transportation, house or pet sitting, etc.).

A Growing Global Trend

People everywhere are living longer. And, as more older adults are aging in place, students and young professionals are struggling to find budget-friendly places to live. Homesharing is a convenient and cost-effective solution to both the affordable housing crisis and a rapidly aging population.

America’s Aging Population is Unprecedented

Here are some facts on aging in the United States.

  • Over 100 million people are over the age of 55 — this number is growing rapidly (PRB).
  • 76 percent of people ages 50 and above prefer to remain in their current homes (AARP).
  • Older people are more likely to live alone in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world (Pew Research Center).

Shared Living. Connecting Generations.

As we shift to a post-pandemic world, maintaining relationships is a crucial part of healthy aging. Although digital technology and social media have helped us stay connected, many people are still feeling lonely and isolated, especially our older and younger populations.

Luckily, homesharing not only helps ward off loneliness, but it also offsets housing costs in an extraordinarily expensive market — providing both financial and emotional relief.

There are many advantages to intergenerational homesharing. For example, it:

  • Promotes lifelong learning through an understanding and appreciation between different generations.
  • Provides reliable assistance in the home.
  • Creates opportunities to form stronger social bonds through shared activities like cooking, listening to music, watching movies or playing games.
  • Gives comfort, security, and peace of mind knowing that someone’s there if you need help.

A Way to Give Back

At Odd Couples Housing, we aim to connect generations, giving older and younger adults the opportunity to make a mark in their communities while enhancing their own lives.

“Helping those young adults and students afford a safe, comfortable place to live while allowing both generations to give back, have assistance with chores, a little extra spending money, new energy in their house, and peace of mind for their family is our goal,” — Erin Loughrey

Mg 0822 Edit 72dpi 9x13 6 Erin Loughrey, Director of Colorado Development at Odd Couples Housing, believes we can create a sustainable future by bringing generations together. Contact Erin for more information, or to list your home with Odd Couples Housing at 303.913.9421, or visit www.oddcoupleshousing.com.

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