What to Consider When Evaluating Your Business's Internet Service

Four factors that may reveal the need to upgrade your internet and communications systems

Fast, reliable technology is to businesses what caffeine is to employees: a key ingredient to productivity and happy workers. Strong internet service is the lifeblood of a healthy, operational company.

The internet allows companies to communicate effectively with customers, process orders and handle service requests. It also allows them to use web-based applications and programs. When the network is running on all cylinders, it is a competitive differentiator and a key contributor to success. However, when it moves slowly or stops working completely, productivity and customer service can be adversely impacted.

Colorado-based hospitality management company Basic Food Group experienced the impact of slow internet service first-hand. The company had been using T1 lines from different service providers. Not only was service slow and unreliable, but having so many providers overcomplicated matters, particularly when dealing with service issues.

Recognizing the competitive advantage of providing a faster, more consistent internet and Wi-Fi experience, as well as the need for a reliable network that supports online ordering, delivery and service, Basic Food Group knew it needed to make an upgrade. Six Famous Dave’s BBQ locations, Basic Food Group’s main corporate office, and two independent establishments – The Avenue Grill and Great Northern Tavern – turned to Comcast Business to provide business internet, Wi-Fi and digital phone services to help propel growth. Since making the switch, the company has experienced improved internet performance, more reliable service and a 20 percent increase in take-out orders. It is also using technology more effectively to streamline operational processes, such as inventory management.

Basic Food Group recognized the importance of upgrading its network to improve the customer experience, and support its employees and operations, and now its reaping the benefits.

What are some signs that you may need to upgrade your internet and communications systems?

Here are four to consider.


If you are suffering from frequent network outages, it can affect your employee productivity and impact sales, both online and in-store. This can be especially critical during peak times like the holiday shopping season. Look for network providers that offer a high-capacity network using the latest broadband and fiber-based technologies. These networks have built-in redundancy that can deliver maximum uptime to keep your business connected.


It’s no secret we’re living in an increasingly mobile and cloud-based world. Crucial business functions like inventory tracking and financial transactions are now run on cloud-based applications, rather than local servers and systems. As a result of this move to the cloud, you need a high-performance, reliable network to keep you connected to those applications and systems. Look for network solutions that provide sufficient bandwidth levels to access your cloud-based apps. Gigabit-level performance is becoming more common and this level of capacity can meet your bandwidth requirements today and in the future.


If your business has multiple locations, but is still running on an analog phone system, it may be time to consider switching to a digital phone system. Digital systems allow users to transfer calls seamlessly across different locations, and take business calls from any device (wherever employees are) using virtual phone numbers that “follow you” in or out of the office. The benefit is you never miss a call and you can stay accessible to customers and employees at all times. In addition, it’s easy to add lines when needed, so the phone system can grow with your business.


If you have a technology issue, there isn’t time to be on-hold for hours or deal with long IT ticket wait times. Look for a provider with 24/7 phone support, and online chat and support forums. Additionally, the provider should have local “in-person” technical support to help you if issues cannot be resolved over the phone.

A reliable, high-performance network infrastructure can have a positive impact on your customers, your employees and your overall business. Take advantage of the latest technologies to help move your business forward and stand out from the competition.

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