When government takes a wrong turn

As the United States continues to grow, one thing is certain: the Hispanic population is expanding at a rapid pace. This is crucial for the economic well-being of our country, with Hispanics gaining more buying power each year and establishing impressive career growth.

As the president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver, I am excited to be a part of this cultural evolution. But recent legislation has us worried.

Arizona SB 1070 allows law enforcement officials and agencies to investigate the legal status of any suspected foreigner in the United States if reasonable suspicion exists. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recognizes the dramatic impact of this law and will not support legislation that directly targets Hispanic communities. The Hispanic Chamber also refuses to support laws that endanger the safety of citizens in Colorado or any other state.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce foresees negative repercussions in not only the state of Arizona, but the entire the nation. Arizona Legislation SB 1070 is a misguided attempt to fix our immigration problems and will affect the security of the state of Arizona as well as have a huge affect on the state’s economy. Many cities and businesses say they will not operate under this new law, resulting in job losses, a decline in tourism, and disadvantages in construction and real estate, to name a few.

I look forward to having our organization work diligently with other Hispanic chambers and businesses across the country as well as the state of Arizona to resolve this issue. The Hispanic Chamber has its Board of Directors and Public Policy Committee leading the effort by announcing on a local and national level that the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver is firmly opposed to Arizona Legislation SB 1070 and is urging its members to boycott any business, organization, or individual that supports the bill.

This also sends a clear message to any candidates for public office who have been vocal about supporting a similar bill in Colorado if elected. Our organization sees Arizona Legislation SB 1070 as a way to bring our businesses and Hispanic community together to not only educate our state on its negative effects, but to stop future legislation that puts any group in harm’s way.

I am proud of our organization’s mission to promote and advance the growth of Hispanic business. I feel certain that with our organization’s 32-year long history, we will continue to help lead the way for minority businesses and the Hispanic community to ensure positive development and success in years to come. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver knows that if our community sticks together, we can keep moving business forward and help educate others on the consequences of legislation like SB 1070.
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