Who is the Loud Flower?

When my daughter was born, she was perfect. She knew exactly who she was and was not afraid to let us know. We lovingly called her The Loud Flower. Now 5, she’s my inspiration.

My company, The Loud Flower, supports women and businesses to understand and embrace the power of the female vision.

When I look at my daughter, she reminds me of my best self. Like my baby girl, I knew who I was. Then life happened. Like many women, I allowed my fears to control my actions, and I became what others wanted me to be.

In my forties, I chose to re-connect to my essence and to be committed to live from the best of who I am. Since then, I have found happiness and a sense of wholeness I never felt before.. I know who I am, I know what I want, and I advocate for myself as a Loud Flower.

Understanding and embracing your essence, your finest inner qualities, helps you to fully integrate yourself at home, at work, in life; with yourself, your mate, your family, your friends, your colleagues. When you are true to yourself, you become more creative and more confident.

You are stepping into your own shoes, and that’s when brilliance starts to happen. You are in harmony with yourself and your environment. When you re-discover and re-commit to who you are meant to be in the world, you become an amazing asset to any team, whether at work or at home.

The best ideas come from when we feel completely free of judgment; when we are free to completely be ourselves. By understanding who you are, you are giving yourself the gift and opportunities to create new solutions, new goals and broader visions.

In the workplace today, it is especially important to understand and embrace your true you. We are entering a new business evolution as the talent pool is changing. More than half of the workforce is female and sadly, most companies don’t know how to attract or retain women.

This is why it is so important for women to know their qualities, to show them, and why they are crucial to the company’s success. Advocate your qualities and help your team, colleagues, and subordinates understand them so they can also see your true value. Be a Loud Flower.

Every woman is a Loud Flower within. The following are the some of the feedback I got when I asked women to describe The Loud Flower:

She stands up for her values and owns her power without reservation. She settles for more, not less. She creates opportunities and lives in integrity with her values. She embraces and fully accepts who she is. She is a leader, grace and beauty personified. She dances joyfully with life. She is bright, vibrant, playful and wise. She is unforgettable, kind, wise and compassionate. She has found her voice and is not letting fear stop her.

She is an intricate blend of gentle and tough, of age and beauty, of steadfastness and flexibility. Mostly, she uses confidence to propel her and when feeling on the top of the world or insecure As resourceful as a flower, she is bright, attractive, and unique. She gives herself room to be human. She trusts her intuition and acts when it’s time, and relaxes when it’s not. She understands rhythm. She understands balance. Using her heart and her head to remain on her chosen path, the Loud Flower is a luminous teacher to all.

She is your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friend – yourself.

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