Who’s your caddie?

I attended one of my favorite events of the year last month. As part of the Western Golf Association, I am lucky enough to be a Director for the Eisenhower Evans Caddie Scholarship Fund. The sole purpose of this Caddie Scholarship is to offer deserving Caddies a full four-year scholarship to the University of Colorado.

This year, both private and public golf courses from all over Colorado that offer Caddie programs to their golfers nominated 28 candidates. Eleven finalists were selected from the nominations and each was interviewed last week at the annual Selection Meeting.

These finalists met very stringent requirements. In addition to a need of financial assistance to attend College, each candidate had to have a High School grade point average of at least 3.00, a high score on the ACT, and extensive caddie experience with at least 60 documented “loops” at their chosen golf course. They then submitted a written essay on what the Evans Eisenhower Scholarship would mean to them and to their families.

The chosen 11 were then “interviewed” by the Directors, Eisenhower Evans Alumni, (Many of the Alumni are CEO’s and leaders of some of the state’s largest and most visible companies.), area golf professionals, and most of the executive committee of the Western Golf Association based in Chicago. All totaled there were over 100 in the room at 8 am last Thursday here in Denver, and no one moved until after shortly before noon.

As you can guess, each of the finalists were as nervous as they could be, but they were much more impressive than they were nervous. These young people are ready to conquer the world and all they need is some help.

The committee is presented with a bio of each candidate. The great majority of these young men and women come from backgrounds that have been challenging. Some of the bios could bring you to tears but you would never know it from how these wonderful young people handled themselves. This year, and even more so than last year for some reason, I came away thinking that if these young people represent even a small percentage (and I hope they represent a very large percentage) of all of our nation’s young people, then the future of our country is in great shape.

A vote was taken to determine if any or all of the 11 will receive the Scholarship. A letter will be mailed to each of the 11 this week. This life-changing letter will inform the candidate if they have received the scholarship. I wish each one of these impressive candidates all of the best.

Even if you do not play golf, and especially if you do play golf, I invite you become involved with The Eisenhower Evans Caddie Scholarship Fund. If you would like more details, please give me a call, send me an e-mail, or visit the Evans Scholar Foundation website. The work done by this organization truly affects the lives of some remarkable young people in a truly remarkable way.

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