Why I choose coworking to grow my business

It feels like the future of work

For nearly 25 years, I’ve been the owner of a Denver-based PR firm. We are a boutique agency that uses a hybrid model. That means we have an office like a traditional agency, but my team is a talented group of independent contractors who work virtually out of their own home offices.

For many years I leased an office in Larimer Square. It was in a beautiful historic building in an ideal downtown location and my dogs loved it, but it presented some challenges. Parking was always a problem for clients and we had limited options for team and client meetings, including new business pitches and media training.

I was spending too much time trying to solve those challenges, so when my lease was up for renewal, I decided to explore other options. After touring what seemed like every coworking space in Denver, I relocated to Firmspace in January 2020. The timing was fortuitous. A few months later Larimer Square was boarded up and LoDo was a ghost town.

The Right Time for a Smaller Footprint

When I started looking at different office options as the end of my lease approached, I quickly saw that a coworking space could provide me with a clean look, managed services, and other advantages I would’ve had to hire staff to maintain on my own. I knew I was ready to move to a smaller space where I’d have less overhead and maintenance on my plate.

My old office was just around the corner, so I was already familiar with Firmspace Denver’s building. When I took a tour, my first impression delivered exactly what I was looking for: a professional work space with really nice conference rooms, the privacy I need, and a parking garage in the building. I chose a private office that includes access to meeting rooms and amenities.

Being a member of coworking space also gives me the flexibility to add additional offices for my team if I need them without committing to a larger office and a longer lease. It’s an advantage that makes professional coworking a good choice as part of a sustainable business plan.

A Headquarters Away from Home

My team is very comfortable working remotely, so we were well prepared to work from home when things started shutting down during the pandemic. But we still like having a home base where we can gather to brainstorm, plan, or meet with clients.

Now I spend my time between my home office and downtown. If we’re working on an important Zoom meeting, a crisis communications training, or helping a client prepare for a media interview, I can avoid the distractions of home if I need to. Firmspace offers the security, privacy, and technology that we can’t always get in a home office.

Professional Workspace that Promotes Professional Culture

Some people choose a cowork space for networking opportunities. Some just want to hang out on a couch all day and drink free beer. I was looking for something different. Firmspace feels professional, like a coworking space for grown-ups. It’s an environment where you can easily focus and get work done.

I found an impressive space that delivers the experience I know my clients and team will appreciate when we can finally meet in person again. The conference rooms are well-appointed and equipped with all the video conferencing technology we need, and if we run into technical difficulties, there’s a very capable staff on hand to troubleshoot.

Coworking ls the Future of Work

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t really need a traditional office anymore and all the overhead that comes with it. The office of the future might well be a hybrid model like the one Pushkin PR has used for decades.

I loved my Larimer Square office, but a coworking space offers more flexibility, less overhead, nicer amenities, and fewer headaches. And I still have a great downtown location. It turned out to be the ideal solution during the pandemic, and I expect it will continue to feel that way after things open up again. To me, it feels like the future of work.

Jon Pushkin Jon Pushkin, APR, is the Founder and President of Pushkin PR, a results-driven Denver public relations firm specializing in crisis communications, brand strategy, and digital strategy.

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