Why not try Albert Einstein's secret for success?

The time to unleash your curiosity is now!

Curiosity to learn, explore, and discover propels passionate pursuers forward. People who are curious actively bolster interest, attention and desire to know. Albert Einstein, said, "I am no different than everyone else. I just have great curiosity." Exploration strengthens curiosity.

A Passionate Pursuer's Story

Jacqueline Frischknecht, newly divorced and the sole supporter of her children, decided at age 29 that she was severely unhappy and completely bored with her life. What she needed, for her own sake and that of her children, was to be better educated. Not sure if she was smart enough to get a college degree, she decided to try a night school class in Art Appreciation. Two and a half years later, she had finished a four-year degree while working 20 hours a week and caring for her children.

"A major force encouraging me to find and pursue various purposes in my life has been curiosity about the world and a desire for knowledge. Once my mind was made up, nothing really held me back. Finances were usually difficult, but they were overcome." Jackie says. She went on to complete her Ph.D. and became an accelerated learning consultant, author of more than seven books, and a professor.

As my mother always said, "Life is short. Death is sure." Don't wait to unleash your curiosity. Dr. Frischknecht, a wise woman of repose, died recently. She was looking forward to the publication of her next book and was as curious as ever. Rest in peace, dear friend and colleague.

How to Strengthen Your Curiosity

  • Continue to learn, explore, and discover.
  • Surround yourself with people who have curiosity.
  • Ask questions. Discern. Ask more questions.
  • Actively bolster interest, attention, and desire to know.
  • Try something new.

Are you curious? Don't wait. Successful people have curiosity. They continue to learn, explore and discover. Take these steps to help you along the way: ask questions, try something new, surround yourself with the right people and continue to learn.

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