Why podcasting has never been more relevant for your business

A good podcast is an incredibly persuasive platform

Have you ever wanted the platform to speak in-depth about your business, directly to thousands of potential and existing customers simultaneously?

Have you ever wished for the time to properly explain the ideas behind your brand, its intentions and goals for the future, to an active, receptive audience?

Imagine an endless, evergreen, progressive marketing campaign, which builds your authority and reputation and further endears your customers to your brand the more they listen.

It could be that you’ve overlooked or underestimated a medium that 55% of Americans use on a weekly basis [1]; one that’s set to become a billion dollar industry in 2021.

It’s podcasting.

Podcasting is a time-tested medium that has never been more effective for building authority and community, strengthening brand recognition and reputation, and reaching a wide, receptive audience.

Post-covid, and let’s face it – mid-covid for many, consumers have become blasé to social media marketing. People want long-form media. They want relatable, real human voices having honest discussions and sharing personal stories. Consumers crave human connection now more than ever before. All of these attributes are inherent to podcasting.

Podcasts are a marketing channel easy to establish by subject matter experts (SME’s) and easy to consume by consumers. Your audience carries your podcast in a free app on their smartphone, ready to listen to anywhere, at any time, as many times as they like. And here’s the best part – if you get your podcast right, your listeners will spread it for you.

A good podcast is an incredibly persuasive platform, and can change the whole scope of your business, however just like any marketing technique, it’s the consideration of the target audience that defines how successful it will be.

Your listeners are the most important consideration when creating podcasts, and the biggest difference between a good and a bad podcast from a listener’s perspective, is the audio quality.

A high-quality, professional audio production won’t even be noticed by the listener, because they’ll be so focused on your content, whereas a poor quality production simply won’t be listened to, because it’s not a good listening experience.

The great news is that entry into the podcasting world can be simple; with the right tools and guidance it’s never been easier to create a high-quality podcast. There’s a huge variety of podcasting audio equipment readily available online, and with a professional podcast production company to help get you set up and sounding great, you’ll be broadcasting in no time!

Your thoughts, your ideas, your brand – directly into the ears and minds of your customers.

It couldn’t be a better time to start podcasting to support your business. You’ll be shocked at how little podcasting can cost when compared to other marketing mediums, and you’ll always have new, captivating content for your website and social media pages.

To start creating a high-quality, effective podcast today; speak to a professional. Email kane@precisionpodcasting.com, or reach out via www.precisionpodcasting.com, and we’ll have a chat about how to transform your business and your stories, into attractive content for your customers.

[1] Hubspot 2021 social media trends report
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